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June 26, 2018
What Really Amplifies Crowd Experience at Football Stadiums?

The roar of the crowd at a football stadium is a testimony that the event is a success and is offering the right experience the audience was expecting. The right atmosphere at a football stadium can make the difference for both the spectators in the stands and the players on the ground. But, is it easy to tailor that kind of magic that attracts people to buy tickets? Is it easy to draw people to the stadium in an era where big screen TVs offer a similar experience that too at a reduced cost? Well, yes!

One simple element that can create the right magic at a football stadium is right illumination. The biggest force that attracts people to a stadium is that they can see their favourite players playing live. A poorly lit stadium or those with conventional lighting will indeed not provide the arena experience they expected. Unfortunately, illumination isn’t something the spectators notice. Why? Because it’s one of those things that’s supposed to be at par in the stadiums. Lighting is only noticeable when it’s not there, and for football stadiums, it can be catastrophic when the lights are not proper and as expected. This is where the role of LED lights kicks in.

LED lights offer the right amount of light that is needed to enjoy the sport with perfection. Neither the venue is excessively lit, nor it is too dark as both these conditions can keep the spectators away from enjoying the game clearly. Not only this, but the right LED light also enhances the arena experience while offering a welcoming ambience and a clear view of the game. With a crisp and unobstructed view of all the activities happening in the field, the audience feels more connected to the game and players as well.

Watching a football game at a stadium is all about the experience. The common buzz in the environment matches well with illuminations, and the spectators feel united while cheering for their favourite team. It’s all about offering an unforgettable audience experience. While who wins is of prime importance, the experience during the game influences the overall enjoyment of the spectators as well. Fun and dramatic light-effects can somewhat remedy poor performance. The prompt brightness of LED lights can take them from full brightness to pitch black in seconds.

Another perk of LEDs over metal halide lights is that they allow smooth flow and improve the safety of those attending the game. LED lights offer the right amount of light that is required to move around the stands with safety. With LEDs, it becomes easier for the arena management to create a balance between all the lights used in different areas. The right light increases safety while also boosts the venue’s reputation. Leaders in the illumination industry like Wipro Lighting offer an extensive range of options that are ideal for all areas of a football stadium. Their range is highly customer-centric, design-driven and technology-oriented.

Metal halide lights dominated sports lighting for more than two decades and little changed in its technology. On the other hand, LED technology is evolving at a faster rate and is growing rapidly. They are well-adapted with future demands by being flexible, energy-efficient, and proficient enough to be controlled over a network. Furthermore, once the metal halide lights are on, turning them off and on again is a problem. They take their own sweet time to heat up and then turn on. Such is not the case with LED lights. Though the initial investment is high, LED lights prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

Final Words!

When it comes to imparting a sense of euphoria among the crowd, lighting is perhaps the most underrated element. Inversely, lighting is the most important thing to consider. Any glitch in lighting will disrupt the rhythm of the game and leave the spectators with a bad taste. All in all, in a football stadium, light needs to work and not just work, it should work well.

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