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April 28, 2022

Why are LEDs Considered the Safest Luminaires?

LED luminaires are one of the widely used lighting solutions all over the world. These are highly common among people for both indoor and outdoor usage because of their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. These lights are so advanced and affordable that we cannot compare them with traditional luminaires. They also come in different varieties and their longer life span is one of the most important reasons why people are using LEDs in almost every sector. These lighting fixtures are considered to be the safest lumination option to date. Yes, you heard right, these lights do not cause any health concerns. Let’s read further to know how.

Reasons why LEDs are highly safe for us

LEDs are not harmful to our eyes

It has been noticed that people complain less about eye strain and headache while working under LED lights in comparison to traditional luminaires. LEDs not only prevent harmful side effects on the eyes but are also used for skin and health therapies as they do not contain UV rays. These luminaires contain blue light which is also present in the natural lighting coming from the sun. However, everyone knows that excess of everything is bad, so we need to limit our screen usage time, but in comparison to other options available in the market, LEDs are the best one.

LEDs help in maintaining circadian rhythms

With the advancement in technology, we have noticed a huge transformation in the LED industry. Now, the human-centric LED luminaires are designed in such a way that it maintains our circadian clock with the natural daylight. inSyncTM by Wipro Lighting is a perfect luminaire for maintaining circadian rhythms. It works in harmony with the earth’s natural lighting cycle and can be programmed to mimic daylight. Hence, it provides numerous benefits, such as - mood upliftment, productivity, visual acuity, etc.

LEDs do not contain toxic materials

LEDs manufactured by ruptured manufacturers like Wipro Lighting do not contain any toxic substance like mercury that can harm us. These luminaires are good for us in comparison to other fluorescent lights like CFLs as they can be recycled easily and are cost-effective. Manufacturers who adhere to compile quality in each of their products and care for nature, never sell items that are harmful to the environment. So, make sure to buy from a relevant brand.

LEDs are available in different colour temperatures

Some people complain that LEDs are way too white. Yes, this was true a few years back, but with continuous research and up-gradation LEDs come in different colour temperatures from cool blue to warm and glowing yellow. By using the right colour temperature, we can reduce the exposure to bright light. However, we cannot just consider the harmful effects of bright light, it is beneficial for us too. When it comes to lighting the streets, big campuses, etc., these luminaires make the surroundings safer for us.

So, whether it be indoor LED lights or outdoor LED luminaires, using the best quality lighting fixtures should be the prime priority. It is the only way through which we can avail of the optimum benefits of LEDs. There is a huge variety of Wipro LED light fixtures you can explore on the website and purchase as per your requirement.

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