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May 20, 2022

X-Rail by Wipro Lighting: The Best Lighting Option for Modern Workspaces

Lighting plays a vital role in the workplace. A good lighting system enables employees and other staff members to be productive. It provides visual comfort and enhances the ambience of the space as well. Therefore, there are numerous indoor light fixtures available in the market to suffice the needs of the businesses in creating a modern workspace. Among them, one of the modest luminaires to look for is a modular lighting solution. 

Modular lights are one of the best options for building a modern workspace. They provide enough illumination and have a positive impact on human behaviour to be able to perform tasks efficiently. 

Wipro Lighting understands the needs and requirements of creating an advanced lighting environment, hence, offers X-Rail modular lighting.

It is an open ceiling and exposed structured luminaire to have a designer yet effective illumination throughout the space. Furthermore, by integrating X-Rail lights, business owners can easily become aware of the significance and functionality of a modern modular lighting system that is both flexible and progressive. In simple words, this advanced interior LED fixture can improve employee performance while enhancing their well-being and satisfaction in the workplace.

Also, modular design provides enough flexibility which makes it suitable to add in a wider range of applications than non-modular alternatives. 

Features of X-Rail

Mentioned below are some beneficial features of X-Rail by Wipro Lighting.

  • It includes a modular frame with a service integrated facility.

  • It offers premium design and a clutter-free look to have a long-lasting impression on the visitors or clients.

  • Rearrangement is possible as per demand precision.

  • It provides flexibility to select and arrange different downlighters and colours.

  • This type of lighting not only credits modular design but also offers concentrated light.

  • Its spacious look features make it an optimum choice among various businesses.

  • Customization of the layout is also possible.

Installation guide of X-Rail

Installation of X-Rail is not a challenging task. One can do so by following the below-noted pointers.

  • A 1.5-meter suspension is included in the package along with the product to execute or suit installation on the RCC ceiling.

  • An end-to-end connecting plate is provided with one screw set per product.

X-Rail lights can also be installed in meeting rooms, art galleries, educational institutes, libraries, and metro station concourses. 

Embracing modernity is the best choice a business can make to provide its employees with an advanced working environment to increase motivation, concentration and productivity. By considering X-Rail, businesses can evolve in terms of lighting systems which can further lead to contributing to a sustainable and developed economy. 

Make space smart and clutter-free by easy integration of this indoor lighting with quality sensors, camera, speaker, smoke detector and alarm. You can also explore the website or download the brochure to gain knowledge about X-Rail in detail.

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