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December 14, 2022

Xpressbay Pro: The Only Luminaire You Need for LED Highbay Lighting

High bay lighting is one of the best options when illuminating a large indoor space. Think of areas like factories, warehouses, enormous department stores, gymnasiums, and other places that are often very sizable and take up a lot of both vertical and horizontal space. To provide the necessary foot-candle levels for uniform luminosity, this requires intense lighting. High bay lighting fixtures are typically attached to the ceiling directly or via hooks, chains, or pendants (similar to troffer lights) to fulfill illumination needs. 

Our Xpressbay Pro lighting solution is a high-quality Linear LED lighting source manufactured after several checks to provide energy-efficient, clear, and sustainable illumination. Read on to know more about this product to make the right choice and introduce modernity into your indoor lighting system.

XpressBay Pro (Super Hero of Highbays)

The first-ever LED linear highbay in India is Xpressbay Pro by Wipro Lighting.

The needs for beauty, efficiency, productivity, and well-being have changed with the advent of the modern industrial age. Along with raising the bar for functionality, it also pays close attention to aesthetics. One example is the effective mounting of utilities like lighting using cable trays.

We present to you Xpressbay Pro. The brand-new benchmark for linear highbays! It is a well-thought-out system that offers superb light levels and adjustable light distribution. At the speed of light, Xpressbay Pro transforms the dynamics of the manufacturing sector like never before. It has a great finish and a sleek, small design. It is specifically made to provide glare-free illumination and foster a productive working atmosphere.

What makes Xpressbay Pro special?

Here are some salient features of Xpressbay Pro lighting solutions that you must know:

1. Pro Optical Performance

  • It has an advanced non-yellowing polycarbonate lens.
  • It offers glare-free light and uniform coverage.
  • It comes with a category-leading efficacy, etc.

All these features result in the optimum performance of the luminaire.

2. Pro Durability

  • It features extruded powder-coated aluminum housing.
  • Dust and water-resistant with an IP66 rating are equipped in the luminaire for long functioning.
  • It has a high impact resistance with an IK07 rating.
  • This luminaire comes with Robust and reliable construction.

3. Superior Thermal Management

  • The driver is isolated from the light compartment to boost thermal management. 
  • There is no heat transfer, leading to reduced hotspots.
  • It houses IP67 potted drivers.

The above-mentioned are the three superpowers of Xpressbay Pro that makes this modern industrial lighting a powerful beast in the world of lighting technology.

Get this indoor LED lighting solution to spruce up your commercial space with trust, assurance and brand credibility. Benefit from key aspects of the Wipro Advantage including 30 years of expertise in the field of lighting, 18 branches or service stations across India, customised and personalised assistance, and instant PAN India after-sales support to hear your doubts or problems and resolve them. 

Be the revolution and embrace intelligent lighting solutions like Xpressbay Pro with Wipro Lighting to stay in the competition and make people aware of the impeccable advantages of updating their lighting structures for a healthy and efficient environment. 

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