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January 28, 2022

3 best home office lighting tips for a more productive and comfortable workspace

Remote working has become the new normal now. Working from home and making the home office an appropriate workspace has become the need of the hour. Besides ambience and comfort, the quality and character of the lighting also play a key role in increasing productivity. Poor or improper lighting reduces concentration, decreases energy level, causes eyestrain, dampens the mood, and leads to headaches. All these ultimately become the reason for declined work efficiency. Therefore, having a well-lit working zone with proper usage of interior lighting solutions is essential.

Ample natural lighting is highly recommended in the working area. But, in case if the space doesn't receive enough daylight, then considering accurate implementation of artificial lights is important for workspace illumination. Ambient lighting is used in many home offices which include recessed or overhead luminaires, such as Halo Plus , Linea or pendant lights for Inform Range by Wipro Lighting. Such lighting fixtures are helpful, but using additional sources of lighting along with them is also crucial. It is of paramount importance to consider other pointers while choosing lighting solutions for a perfect home office.

Points to remember while making home workspace lighting decisions

Reduce glare and shadows

When setting up the workstation at home, make sure to consider the direction from where the light is coming from. If the light source is set behind the work desk, it will create glare on the monitor. Furthermore, another thing to look out for is unintended shadows cast by lamps used as task lighting. For instance, while writing with the right hand, the arm and hand might cast shadows if the task light is also kept in the same direction. So, paying attention to glare and shadows while working on computers or doing writing tasks.

Use task lighting

While doing any focus-intensive tasks, like computer work, paperwork, reading, etc., it is essential to select a source of light dedicated to the work desk. An articulated or adjustable desk lamp or a flexible task light from Wipro Lighting can cast light exactly where it is required and also support multiple other tasks. In case someone has a different home office workstation for various tasks, then there should be a dedicated task light on each work desk. 

Keep lights indirect

While creating a home office space, another thing that must be paid attention to is managing direct light. One should not work under the direct glare of overhead luminaires. It is recommended to find out ways to diffuse the ambient light that lighten-ups the working space. Lampshades are the best option as they scatter and soften the harsh lights. Whereas an upward-shining floor lamp casts the light off the ceilings and walls. The prime motive is to illuminate the whole space without forming any contrast or glare along with reducing casting shadows.

These home office lighting tips are going to create a perfect working environment that will boost productivity and performance. Furthermore, while choosing luminaires, one should always consider buying indoor LED lights from Wipro Lighting as it saves money and energy. 

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