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January 3, 2020
3 energy benefits of Lighting Controls

The rising environmental concerns and demand for sustainability have leveraged the LED lighting manufacturers to work on innovative ways for ameliorating the energy efficiency of their luminaries. Though LED luminaries are already one of the most energy efficient electrical appliances available in the market today, lighting manufacturers are looking at options to increase the scope for cutting back on the electricity bills.

In the year 2002, Wipro Lighting pioneered into the energy management systems with the introduction of lighting controls. Lighting controls are smart lighting devices that comprehend efficiency, comfort and style with a stern focus on intelligent controls.

According to the leading commercial lighting manufacturers, these one-touch controls are exclusively designed for enhancing the user experience and reducing the overall energy consumption by almost 35%. Dimmers, occupancy sensors, etc. are some of the most popular lighting controls in the commercial sector that are capable of flourishing energy benefits.

Here are some environmental benefits associated with the use of lighting controls:

1. Increase comfort while surging productivity

Integrating LED lighting solutions with lighting controls can nourish a comfortable and productive environment. Lighting controls like eSense Range by Wipro Lighting can be used for quickly customizing the lighting conditions as per one’s comfort levels. This eventually increases the concentration level of the working employees and results in surged productivity. Moreover, it also allows people to adjust the artificial lighting as per the availability of natural light in the premises, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

2. Savings on electricity

As per the lighting experts, lighting controls like dimmers aid electricity savings by almost 4-9%, even at the highest lighting levels over a typical on & off switch. People can eventually save more electricity when they dim their lights as per the requirements. Furthermore, lighting controls like occupancy sensors also allow users to save significant amount of electricity. They sense human presence in a space to control the light. In case the space is vacant, the lights are automatically switched off. This further eliminates the dependency on employees for switching off the lights.

3. Extend luminaire life

According to LED lighting experts, dimmers work by reducing the power supply to the lighting source (luminaires). This further reduces the run-time of the luminaires, helps in saving energy, and extends the life of the luminaires. For instance, LED luminaire, when dimmed, ensure minimal heat emission which further adds to their life.

Apart from energy benefits, lighting controls are also highly influential in furnishing cost efficiency. They offer flexibility in usage while bringing down the electricity bills and maintenance costs.

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