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November 3, 2021

3 lighting considerations for jewellery stores

Running a successful jewellery business is largely dependent on offering great products and attracting customers to your shop. You need to have the right marketing strategies and planned investments that aid in luring people into buying from your shop. You need to have proper lighting in your store that highlights your ornaments, exhibits, and the store’s aesthetics.    

Jewellery stores are one of the most challenging commercial spaces when it comes to indoor lighting solutions. Jewellery made from items like gold, silver, diamonds, etc. are shiny and tend to reflect a lot of light. Moreover, they contain fine details and designs. Thus, they require customized lighting solutions that cater to all the requirements of a jewellery store.    

Here are some important lighting considerations for jewellery stores you should know:

Light in layers

All effective lighting plans tend to create illumination in layers in order to furnish the best final results. Thus, one should make use of all suitable types of lighting i.e. task lighting, ambient light, and accent lighting in a jewellery store. For instance, the store should install overhead LED luminaires for general lighting or ambience lighting. They should make use of accent lighting for accentuating the ambience lighting and balancing any harsh lines of light created by general lighting fixtures. Task lighting can be used on spaces like billing counters and display counters. It will help the customers to see and notice all the fine details of the jewellery piece clearly.

Right colour temperature

Every commercial space that deals in product business needs lights of the right colour temperatures. Colour temperature influences how human eyes perceive the object - which in this case is a jewellery item or ornament. If the colour temperature of the light is too warm, it can make differentiating between colours, quality, and radiance hard for the customer. Thus, you should opt for lights with cooler colour temperatures. Your jewellery should look pleasing to the customer and lights of the right colour temperature assist you in this respective task.

Pay attention to CRI

Apart from paying attention to the colour temperatures, it is imperative that you also consider installing lights with the right colour rendering index (CRI). The colour rendering index reflects on how well the commercial lighting solution renders and distinguishes similar kinds of colours. This becomes of vital importance when the customers check out jewellery made from stones like diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphires, etc. Typically, a lighting solution with 70+ CRI can work perfectly for jewellery stores. However, you can go higher (80+ CRI) depending on the requirements of the store. 

Be it any store, retail or jewellery, LED lighting solutions are the most suitable lighting options for all. They furnish high-quality illumination that ensures perfect ambient lighting. Moreover, they’re available in various colour temperatures and boast way better colour rendering abilities than traditional lighting solutions like incandescent and fluorescents. 

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