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August 27, 2019

4 Ways Smart Lighting Solutions can benefit your Business

Until a decade ago, the primary aim of almost businesses was to make money on their investments and generate higher profits. However, unusual changes in the environmental conditions along with the market state has compelled them to bring a change in their policies. 

As a result, businesses are now adopting a forward-thinking approach that caters to a bigger objective of achieving efficiency and sustainability along with profits. According to the leading commercial lighting manufacturers, lighting is one such domain that helps with the same.

Installation of smart lighting solutions in office spaces is highly beneficial in terms of operation optimization, cost cutting, and surged sustainability. It encourages savings while delivering guaranteed long-term benefits to companies.     

Here are 4 ways smart lighting solutions can benefit your business. 

Measurable ROI and savings

According to experts, smart lighting solutions provide an immediate and quantifiable ROI in the form of documented energy savings. It is claimed that smart LED lighting along with other LED accessories can increase energy savings by almost 90%. These lighting solutions convert 100% of the electricity into light while minimizing wastage. They also have a long life of almost 50,000 hours that eventually adds to the long-term savings. Furthermore, installation of adaptable lighting controls along with LEDs can make the whole system more accessible and affordable.

Efficient and easy control

Introduction of smart lighting controls is a significant technological advancement in the lighting domain. Integrated with unique sensors, these controls enable the light to power on or off based on the data (traffic patterns, room occupancy, etc.) sourced by the sensors. This connected technology provides efficient and easy control of entire building’s lighting system.

Encourages sustainability

Smart lighting solutions are customizable and powered with dynamic as well as remote lighting management. Thus, their installation can potentially help organizations to achieve their sustainability goals. 

Assists other smart applications

Intelligent LED lighting and controls help in the creation of a data-driven enterprise that aims to increase savings while encouraging sustainability. Furthermore, smart lighting solutions work with a network of connected lights and smart sensors that form an ideal foundation for other IoT-based building management applications. Security alert systems, LiFi, etc. are some of the applications that can be integrated with smart lighting solutions.    

According to the top LED lighting manufacturers, the installation of smart lighting solutions is a significant step taken by businesses towards a sustainable future. It ensures cost and energy savings while guaranteeing businesses with a higher ROI. 

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