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June 17, 2022

3 Points to Remember while Comparing LED Products

LED indoor and outdoor lighting luminaires are quickly taking over as the most preferred lighting option for various spaces, be it commercial, residential, cold storage, etc. They are replacing incandescent lighting downlighters at a rapid pace. The evolution and adaptation of LED downlighters in India can be easily observed over the past few years. 

People are considering them because of their magnificent benefits like no generation of unnecessary heat, longer life span, improved aesthetics, etc. From linear lighting to high bays and downlighters, there are numerous types of LED lighting introduced by the lighting manufacturers to choose from. However, while buying these, one question remains the same– on what grounds can one compare these lighting solutions to get the most suitable one for their space?

To help you out with the same, below noted are some points to remember while comparing LED products. Follow them to know the difference and understand what’s best for you to ace the space.

Check the warranty

One of the biggest points to consider for comparing different LED products is to check their warranty. Whether the lighting option provides 6 months or 1-year warranty and beyond.

After configuring the warranty, evaluate it with your expectation. For instance, if you are looking for a luminaire with a longer lifespan, consider an LED downlighters with more than 2 years of warranty. Whereas, if you want it for a short term, going for 1-year warranty products can do the job.

Quality of LED driver

To ensure the good performance and durability of the semiconductors and power them properly, good quality drivers are necessary. Look for the specifications including types of drivers and their capabilities. For instance, check out low voltage and high voltage drivers in context to your requirements. Also, know that higher drivers produce more illumination but at the same time consume more wattage and heat sink to ensure the luminaire doesn’t get affected by supply fluctuations.

For dimming functions, it is recommended to go for dimming drivers to fulfil your brightening needs. These aspects make LED Drivers one of the most important factors to distinguish and select the suitable LEDs for your space.

Colour temperature and accuracy

Another important thing to keep in mind for comparing two lighting solutions is to evaluate their colour temperature and accuracy. Correlated Colour Temperature is the gauge of how warm and cool the colour of light emitted from the luminaire appears to be. It is measured in Kelvin units and is commonly found between 2200 and 6500 Kelvin degrees. This influences the colour temperature and accuracy of the light. 

Also, Colour Rendering Index plays a greater role in defining the temperature attributes of a luminaire. It is measured on a number between 0 to 100. Generally, lights with 80-90 CRI are considered good and above that is just an excellent selection for retail and textile industries, wherein choosing the right colour is important. 

Hence, choosing a light based on its colour Rendering Index and purpose is also an integral part of the selection process. To get the perfect colour blend in their space, one must follow this pointer. 

Along with these, try and test the LED to check its brightness level. It is also a point recommended by various lighting professionals to compare the two and get the best. 

Wrap up

LED lighting has changed the dynamics of commercial and other spaces. Today, people are preferring safe, efficient and aesthetically beautiful places to work and live in. And, to buy the perfect luminaire, the above-mentioned pointers play a greater role when it comes to comparing the two lighting options.

However, make sure to buy indoor and outdoor LEDs  from reputed brands like Wipro Lighting. This way you will not only get assured LED products with brand credibility but will also come across various modern lighting solutions to know, compare and choose from.
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