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August 27, 2021
3 Tips for lighting a hotel guest room

Hospitality is one of the sectors that is constantly evolving and compared to the past year the changes have now become even more rapid. So much so that the hotels must continually update and adapt to the latest changes that are taking place. One of the key places in a hotel is the guest room and it often plays host to a plethora of individuals, all with varied tastes when it comes to lighting preferences.  Thus, one should know how to combine the choice of lighting materials with energy savings which will be advantageous, both in the long and short term.

Here are three tips that people working in the hospitality industry must keep in mind:

Control over the Light

Hotel guest rooms need to be bright enough to work and comfortable as well for the guests to relax.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by using several smaller lights instead of one or two large fixtures. However, make sure that everything is not controlled by a single switch in order to provide the guests with the comfort and ease of using some or none of the lights based on what they need and feel, at the moment. Another addition you can opt for is a dimmer switch. They allow guests to have full control over the level of light in the room instead of just flipping certain lights on or off.

Set the Mood

The colour of the lights can have an impact on the mood and atmosphere. Lights that tend to have a higher colour temperature emit blue light which is better suited for daytime hours or at times when the guests need to be more productive. However, make sure that is not the only type of lighting present in the guest room as it may make relaxing difficult for your guests by the end of the day. Use cool white lights in larger overhead fixtures and desk lamps during the day and warm lights for nighttime fixtures such as bedside lamps.

You may also want to adapt to changing colour temperatures in a single luminary. For such instances, inSync™, a human-centric smart lighting solution by Wipro Lighting. Works in harmony with the earth’s natural lighting cycle and one can program it to imitate sunlight in indoor environments. It does a phenomenal job of uplifting mood, increasing energy levels, and improves concentration.

Easy to maintain & efficiency


Lighting estimates for around 30 per cent of a hotel’s total energy consumption. LED lights can consume up to 90 per cent less energy than their traditional counterparts can.

Thus, when you invest and switch to LED lighting, you will notice a dip in the energy consumption percentage as well as your utility cost. LED lighting and fixtures can lower your summer air conditioning bills as they generate far less heat than halogens, CFLs, and incandescent bulbs. Moreover, LEDs have high colour rendering indexes (CRI) that can beautify the room’s décor. They make fabrics and wall colours appear more luxurious and vibrant.

Bottom line

It goes without saying, but the lighting of the hotel contributes significantly to the guest experience, not just the function that is linked to visibility, but the emotions it is capable of arousing. Make sure that the atmosphere you are able to recreate with the right lights is pleasant, welcoming, and functional. This allows the guests to orient themselves easily and comfortably in any room.