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January 28, 2021

3 Tips to consider when lighting cafeterias

Cafeterias and restaurants are not just about good food and comfortable sitting areas, but a lot about lighting as well. Lighting not ensures clarity of vision but also influences the whole vibe and overall feel of the space. It tends to accentuate the interior designing elements and makes the guests feel welcomed and embraced. However, lighting in cafeterias is not just limited to installing stylish LED luminaires and decorative indoor light fixture.

Lighting tends to affect human behaviours and moods. For instance, strong lighting in breakfast places provides customers with an extra kick that keeps them awake. Similarly, cosy lighting in bars and dinner places helps the customers feel relaxed after a tiring day. Thus, make sure that your cafeteria is equipped with appropriate LED lighting solutions, that too in appropriate manner.

Here are some essential tips that you should consider when lighting cafeterias:

1. Make use of the natural light

First and foremost, try to make the best use of natural light. Many cafeterias in modern times are already equipped with outdoor sitting areas, which is quite popular among customers. In case you don’t have an outdoor sitting area, install big windows and let the sunshine illuminate your space. Sunlight is considered the best light for people. It not only complements the mood of customers but also keeps your employees alert and motivated. Moreover, it’ll save you a lot of money in the form of saved electricity. However, make sure you install right indoor LED lighting, given sunlight is available for a limited time during the day.

2. Use different types of lighting

Don’t limit yourself to one boring lighting plan and rather try experimenting with different types of light. You can use a conjunction of accent, ambient, and task lighting for your cafeteria. This will not only enhance the overall vibe and functionality of the space but will also serve as aesthetical elements. For while you rely on sunlight for the ambient light, you still need task lighting like suspended luminaires in areas like billing and take-away counters. Similarly you can use accent lights to highlight elements like paintings, graffiti, and other artefacts.

3. Modify lighting as per the mood

Keep your lighting flexible and modify it as per the mood and time of the day. For instance, you may require bright illumination during the day for keeping customers alert and awake. Bright light complements your energy levels and keeps your going. However, you’re required lower the lighting levels as the day ends to support the human circadian rhythm. Customers need to relax at the end of the day and it can only be comprehended with low lighting levels.

In order to make your cafeteria lighting flexible, you should decide on installation of smart lighting controls. For instance, Scene Select System by Wipro Lighting could serve as a one-stop solution for all your lighting requirements.

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