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April 20, 2022

4 Best Lighting Tips to Light up Pubs and Lounge

When starting a pub, we decide on many things such as the menu, top and tables, friendly staff etc. These are to design the pub or lounge for a positive customer experience. But, one element which ties everything together and is possibly overlooked by many owners is an optimum indoor lighting solution

The right lighting system and type can make your space look vibrant and cosy, inviting and attracting several customers. It may also create a focal point, improving the overall interior design and having it visually appealing to all. 

If you are creating a new pub or redesigning your existing one, here are some of the top LED lighting options to consider for achieving a desirable ambience.

Beneficial interior lighting ideas for pubs and lounge

Ambient lighting

It is one of the most used interior lighting solutions to light up the space overall. Ambient lighting is also known as a substitute for natural lighting. As it basically includes lighting from windows and other lighting fixtures to give a decent look to the space to soothe customers’ eyes and uplift their mood. Furthermore, this lighting is efficient to create warmth and depth in the room by illuminating the space glare-free. 

Many interior designers believe ambient light is basic and simple to light up bars, restaurants and pubs. They further assert that this lighting can be easily created using almost any kind of lighting fixture. 

Task lighting

Today, task lighting is considered one of the best indoor lighting solutions for lounges to light up specific places and tables. It is included in the lighting system to illuminate focused areas. Not being the sole source of the light in a space, task lighting is optimum to bright up spaces which get darker during the night despite other lighting solutions. Even dimly lit areas are also lit by task lighting solutions by many pub owners. This enhances the visibility and makes the room look radiant at every corner.

Suspended lights

Suspended LEDs are the best bet to illuminate the room by creating a beautiful vibe around the space. There are different styles, designs, and types of suspended lighting available in the market. No doubt, they are fantastic and dramatic lighting options to opt for in your pub. Designers believe that having suspended lights like Halo Plus, Inform range  and Vertica at your restaurant, bar or lounge will enhance the sophistication, elegance and creativity of the space effectively. So, you can go for the best-suited luminaires to complement different types of lighting systems used in the space.

The aforementioned are some top indoor lighting solutions for pubs and lounges for an ultimate ambience. However, along with these, wall lights, industrial lighting and smart lighting solutions such as human-centric lighting are some good lighting ideas to consider for a great look. 

For reliability and trust, go for branded LED lighting fixtures and indoor lighting solutions like Wipro LED Lighting system. From suspended luminaires to downlighters, they have everything to revamp the lighting of your space aesthetically and sustainably. You can explore more options on the website to align with the ambient or task lighting system.

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