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November 9, 2020

4 Important safety tips to follow when using UV-C lights

UV-C light is one of the most misconceived LED lighting solutions in the commercial lighting domain. It has been subject to sheer criticism as people tend to believe in myths and misinformation surrounding the respective lighting solution. However, in reality, it is unarguably the best disinfection solution that can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. For instance, UV-C lights have gained immense popularity in recent times, given that they are capable of eliminating Coronaviruses upto 99.9%.

Are UV-C lights safe?

UV-C lights are inspired by a naturally occurring phenomenon, the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These lights can not only degrade genetic materials, i.e. the DNA and RNA of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms severely but also damage their ability to reproduce. This makes them highly effective in curbing the spread and transmission of the virus. UV-C lights are lethal for microbes but completely safe for humans, if used properly and with all precautions. In fact, UV-C lights are already an integral part of various daily applications like water purification, air purification and hospital sanitation.

Here are some important safety tips you should essentially follow when using UV-C lights:

1. Ensure no human presence

UV-C lights are capable of disinfecting the whole space quickly. However, make sure that the room is empty when the disinfection is in process. After all, it is a technology developed to “ELIMINATE” harmful living microorganisms from the air as well as the surfaces. UV-C lights offered under the ULTRARAY™ range by Wipro Lighting are integrated with an indication light for ensuring complete user safety. Thus, ensure the room is empty whenever the indication light is on.

2. Use as recommended by the manufacturer

Commercial lighting manufacturers that make UV-C lights typically provide all necessary instructions and recommendations for using the product safely. For instance, they provide information with regard to the frequency and time duration for which UV lights should be used. All you need to do is use the lights as recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Don’t look directly into UV-C lights

Ultraviolet radiation can be harmful to your eyes. Thus, strictly instruct your employees to not look at the lights (when in operation) directly. Also, make sure that your skin or eyes are not exposed to UV-C lights for a prolonged period of time.

4. Place warning labels

UV-C lights are not ordinary lights. Unlike normal LED luminaires, they have a fairly short-wavelength (200nm – 280nm) and are highly germicidal in nature. Though they’re safe, it is not something you should be testing without reason. Thus, always make sure that you put out warning and caution labels wherever the lights are installed.

Using UV-C lights safely is a matter of taking appropriate precautions. When used correctly, these lights can serve as the best disinfectants as they eliminate harmful microbes from the air as well as surfaces to ensure the complete safety, health and wellness of your employees.

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