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January 28, 2022

4 lighting design considerations by professionals that make commercial spaces more appealing

Choosing and using the best lighting plan for commercial spaces and offices is highly important. A poorly lit workstation ruins the appearance of even a beautifully constructed commercial area. In such areas, the major focus of lighting is to help in running the work process smoothly. Furthermore, lighting plays a vital role in creating a productive workplace ambience and influences the psychological health of employees.

A perfect lighting plan provides uniform and adequate lighting across the workspace without any glare and shadows. Choosing the right lighting design helps maintain the safety, comfort and stimulation for everyone working in the office. So using high-quality commercial lighting fixtures is undoubtedly essential, not only for making the space more appealing but also for the safety and security of offices. Lighting can make or break the productivity of the business, therefore modern offices need lighting design that puts a positive impression and represents the company as a progressive business. For creating a successful and productive working environment, below are some lighting designs that must be considered.

Best lighting designs consideration for modern commercial buildings

Energy conservation

Older lights like fluorescence and incandescent bulbs consume more energy in comparison to today’s LEDs. 90% of the energy that the traditional luminaires emit is given off as heat and create lots of energy wastage. Therefore, using LED lighting fixtures in commercial buildings is one of the best options for saving energy. These luminaires come with various benefits, such as a longer life span, more efficiency, dimmable, and more.

Comfort and productivity

Focusing on the comfort and well-being of people in every aspect has given more emphasis in today’s world. Offices are trying best practices for elevating the health and comfort of people and reinventing structures that are beneficial for both the environment and people. Using human-centric lighting, hi-tech IoT-based lighting, glare-free lighting, etc., are making modern workspaces and commercial buildings more user-friendly.


There are majorly two types of glare, direct glare and reflective glare. The view of a high contrast light source to its surroundings is termed as direct glare. This type of glare is caused by sunlight and lamps. Whereas, reflective glare comes from items that we use while working, such as desks, computer screens, etc. This glare is difficult to handle but can be eliminated by focusing on surface colours in the working space and diffusion of the light sources. Matte surfaces and walls are perfect for dealing with reflective glare. For creating a glare-free environment, big lighting brands in India like Wipro Lighting has introduced different luminaires, such as - Immaculate Soft & Smart (anti-glare luminaire), Whistling Bollards (7W-11W) (anti-glare landscape luminaire), and more.

Lighting control

Gone are those days when switches were used to control the lighting systems. In this world of automation and technological development, many hi-tech and smart options with automatic responses and sensors are introduced. These are highly used in commercial spaces because they work wirelessly and the usage of lights can be controlled by installing occupancy sensors. Therefore, lighting industry players are paying more attention to coming up with smart lighting solutions based on Li-Fi, Human-centric Lighting, Power over Ethernet (PoW) technologies and more.

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