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August 27, 2021

4 qualities of a good LED street lighting fixture

Street lighting is one of the most important public infrastructural amenities that is pivotal for ensuring the safety, comfort and wellness of the public. According to several commercial lighting manufacturers, efficient outdoor street lighting primarily promotes safety and security in an urban environment. Moreover, it also increases the time a road or a pathway can be used by extending the period of illumination via artificial lighting.

In addition to that, it also ensures the safety of pedestrians and drivers by enhancing visibility which eventually minimizes the risk of mishaps and accidents.

However, while developing a street lighting plan, attention should be paid to the surroundings where the LED street lights will be installed. Take into consideration some important factors like the width of the road and the street, height of the surrounding buildings, the density of the trees, etc.

Now, what should be some qualities a good LED street lighting fixture should have?

Use  Smart LED lighting products

With the evolution of technology and the development of cities, energy-saving has emerged as a prime agenda for city administrations. Fortunately, smart street lighting can achieve the same.

In smart lighting, LED lighting products are used instead of their traditional counterparts. With this type of lighting, 50 to 70% of energy savings can be achieved.

 Fixtures should ensure  proper illumination 

Inappropriate lighting levels not only affect the visibility on the roads but also impairs the driver's vision.  If the driver is not able to see objects around the road clearly, they are likely to make mistakes. Thus, it is important to ensure proper illumination on the road.

As per the CIE (International Lighting Commission), 5 meters ahead of the roads must be illuminated as much as 50%. Hence, the level of clarity of the surroundings is perceived in a way that will not distract the driver.

Longevity matters/Durability

The long life of LED street lights ensures continuity. The road lighting solutions that deteriorate frequently require maintenance and replacement on a regular basis.

Fixtures must not create a glare

Compliance is one of the most significant issues when it comes to safety on the road. Glare can easily exhaust the driver's eyes that can eventually distract them from the road. It can lead to several bad consequences for both the driver and pedestrians. However, the glare problem can be easily resolved with the installation of LED street lighting solutions.

Smart street lighting also comes packed with several smart sensors that turn them into an intelligent solution. For instance, smart street lights by Wipro Lighting are incorporated with motion sensors, Wi-Fi, weather sensors, CO2 sensors, among others. All of these solutions make up for a futuristic LED street lighting fixture.

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