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August 28, 2021
5 benefits of surface-mounted LED lighting

For a seamless office experience, it is imperative to match the proper lighting with the correct decor.  Physical space is incomplete without a lighting layout. The colour, brightness levels and angle of light- everything plays a pivotal role in creating a holistic delight for the sight.

Appropriate lights not only improve aesthetics but also promote clarity of vision. Though sunlight is the best light on all fronts, indoor spaces require the installation of LED lights to ensure proper and comfortable illumination throughout the day

For instance, surface-mounted lights are one of the most practical and seamless LED lighting solutions that can be used in most settings, even in the exposed ceilings or concrete slabs. They not only add vibrance to the room but also promote a comfortable and safe environment.

Here are some of the benefits of installing surface-mounted LED lights:

Ease of installation

Surface-mounted lights have a low-profile design which makes it easier to install them, especially in places where maintenance isn’t so easy. This also leads to a reduction in maintenance costs.


Surface-mounted lights from leading LED lighting manufacturers offer sturdiness and longevity. They boast a robust build and IP ratings that make them dust-resistant. For instance, Optima LED by Wipro lighting is rated IP40 which is ideal for a host of indoor application areas and comes with a warranty.

The initial investment you made will last much longer, even in less than ideal situations. Another most used material in LEDs is aluminium and since it is durable, paintable and light, almost 80% of the manufacturers encourage its use.


These luminaires offer trendy and compact designs, infused with a deep inset diffuser that helps maintain low UGR. Hence, it won’t act as a hindrance for the employees as it is highly unlikely to cause discomfort. Furthermore, several LED manufacturers make it a point to aesthetically integrate suspension and power cables in surface-mounted lights.

Uniform illumination

Surface mount luminaires provide uniform and bright illumination that is comfortable and extremely steady. The light is distributed equally without any humming and flickering. For instance, Axeon Surface by Wipro Lighting has special high-efficiency translucence (HET) diffuser that emits wide and uniform light distribution across horizontal and vertical surfaces. This helps enhance the beauty of modern offices.

Modern look

When you have a look at the surface-mounted LED lighting, you will instantly notice the sleek appearance of lights. Surface-mounted lights are designed to lead the race on all fronts and replace classic fluorescent lights in the majority of application areas. The modern design works with almost all commercial or office interiors.

With a plethora of benefits on hand, surface-mounted lights come out shining as a winning option for commercial or office spaces. Furthermore, several LED manufacturers recommend keeping an eye out for IP ratings, see if they are environmentally friendly and light distribution before buying investing in them.

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