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March 4, 2021

All you need to know about commercial LED strip light

Commercial LED strip lights are the most versatile form of luminaires that enhance the appearance of commercial spaces. It enhances visibility and makes the space more vibrant and appealing. We can use it in different places like homes, offices, hospitals, warehouses, schools, and events. Wipro’s LED strip lights can perfectly meet the requirements of these areas.

These LED strips are different from domestic strip lights, they are larger in size and more powerful too. In this write-up, we will discuss some pointers to highlight how commercial LED strip lights are different. The idea behind this differentiation is to show that LED can be customized to fulfill specific needs.

Points that Make Commercial LED Strip Lights Different

Strip LED luminaires are versatile and commercial light fittings are majorly designed to illuminate larger spaces like retail stores, halls, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. These tape lights are powerful and bigger in comparison with domestic LED strip lights.

Commercial LED strip lights have all the features of domestic strip lights and there are many other advantages too.

Commercial strips LEDs are Bright

As compared to domestic LED strip lights, commercial LED strip lights are populated with bigger LEDs that provide brighter lights. It is because larger spaces need extra luminosity. These LED strips are designed to produce more light, but it doesn’t mean they are too long and large.

The best part of commercial LED lights is that even after being brighter it does not consume more energy or produce excess heat. So, one can use it freely without worrying about the damages because of heat emission and energy usage.

Commercial strip LEDs have broader and thicker PBC boards

There are broader and thicker PWC boards in commercial LED. Wider PBC boards can easily align larger LEDs as per commercial needs. Heat can be dispensed effectively from the LEDs because of the thicker board.

Commercial strip LEDs lights provide extra protection

Commercial LED strip lights are used to light bigger indoor and outdoor spaces. So it is mandatory to provide extra protection in commercial-grade LED strips, such as using Aluminum Profiles to keep LED strips safe. Moreover, the strips should be water and dustproof so that they remain in working condition for years.

Commercial LED strip lights are mounted in profiles and frames so that they are protected from the environment. Also, these went through a tough quality check and have more protection from water, moisture and dust. So, choosing flexible strip light from Wipro Lighting will be your best option because you will get quality, durability, high efficiency and many useful features at the same time.

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