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January 30, 2022

All you need to know about restaurant lighting

Designing a restaurant needs lots of research and planning. It is essential to focus on the desired mood that you want to create in the restaurant along with considering the location. Lighting plays a crucial role in designing a restaurant because it creates the ambience that you are planning to give your guests. It can either uplift the dining experience and mood of the visitors or can ruin it. So, it is of utmost importance to pay heed to the restaurant lighting design and application. 

Creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere will enhance the customer experience, form a positive environment, and boost income. So, to enjoy all these benefits it is important to understand ways to create the desired atmosphere in the restaurant by using the right lighting.

Types of restaurant lighting

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is a type of lighting that focuses on a particular part of the room or any object placed in the space. It adds drama to the space and is used to create focal points. These lights are used to highlight pieces of artwork or add island lights over the bartop. These luminaries are well-suited to highlight certain parts. 

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is one of the widely used forms of lighting in different industries. It is the main source of lighting in the space and it can be either natural light or artificial light. Ambient light allows people to move around comfortably. It creates depth and warmth in the area and illuminates the space without causing glare. 

Task lighting

Task lightings are majorly found in smaller lighting fixtures and illuminate some close-up places or tasks such as tables, desks, etc. It allows staff members and customers to do things that need a more concentrated source of light, such as preparing dishes or reading the menu. It can be either a big overhead lamp in the kitchen or a small table lamp.

These lights are the three illumination options that are used in places like restaurants and bars. Properly implementing these luminaires in space is highly important. Improper usage of restaurant lighting can fail to attract customers, no matter how delicious the cuisines are. It impacts the experience as well as the mood of customers.

How Restaurant Lighting Can Transform Your Guest Experience?

People mostly visit places like bars and restaurants to uplift their mood or take a break from the busy schedule of daily life. They are more fond of places that have the lighting set up as per their mood. Different lighting levels are used to create the mood of the space. Low lighting and bright lighting are the two ways that impact the mood and experience of people.

Low lighting

Low lighting is used to create a romantic and relaxed environment. It encourages guests to spend more time in the restaurant. In scenarios such as candlelight dinners, overhead fixtures with dimmer and accent lighting are highly preferred.

This type of lighting creates more intimacy in comparison to bright light. But, even while designing such an environment it is essential to consider appropriate uses of ambient lighting for performing basic tasks hassle-freely.

Bright lighting

Bright lights are responsible for providing more stimulation and comparison to low light. This means that the guests in the restaurant or bar will be more alert and awake. These types of lighting are perfect for high-energy establishments, such as - cafes, smoothie shops, family restaurants.

Along with using big overhead light fixtures, bright light can be gained with big windows that allow more natural light to enter the space.

There is no doubt that lighting setup has a huge impact on the mood and experience of guests. So, it is essential to design the space with perfect interior restaurant lighting from reliable brands like Wipro Lighting.

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