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December 17, 2021

All you need to know about WIPRO Stylus

Flexibility in modern workspaces is the need of the hour. Whether it be flexibility in the working shifts or office designing, it is liked by all and is proven to drive more productivity. Keeping this in mind, Wipro Lighting has come up with a new range of modern office lighting solutions, Stylus. It is an innovative lighting option that is highly flexible and hi-tech. This angular lighting solution provides freedom in designing and comes with a unique angle detector that allows arms to rotate freely at different angles. It blends well with the linear luminaire and helps in creating the desired illuminate forms and shapes.

Furthermore, there is a nodal in the luminaire for better illumination, which is a central downlighter with a ridge to easily connect linear fitting using end caps. The linear fitting can be rotated from 75° to 120° angle with three arms.

The specifications and benefits of this commercial office light fixture are not over yet. Below are some other noticeable benefits that make it a more creative, attractive, and versatile lighting option for contemporary workspaces.

Features and benefits of Wipro Stylus

Features and benefits

  • The MOP diffuser and collimator lens in the lighting fixture lessen eye strain and fatigue.

  • It has a 12 mm profile for glared controlled beam angle that creates visual balance.

  • It consists of multiple arms and various angle options that provide flexibility while designing.

  • It comes with multiple options, such as - optics, connecting angular, light distribution, wattage, colour housing, colour temperature, etc.

  • It has a slim profile of 60 mm that easily blends with office architectural layouts.

The above-noted and benefits make this fixture a perfect choice for modern office lighting requirements. The versatility of this luminaire allows it to be an optimum solution for performing different tasks. 

Wipro Stylus: a perfect fit for various tasks

Wipro Stylus with louvers

  • Louvres have been preferred by many for decades because of their ageless aesthetics. Wipro Stylus comes with louvers that enhance the efficiency and functionality of the fixture. They provide adequate task-light and cut glare at all angles. It looks classy, provides visual harmony, and offers a wide light distribution of 80°.

Wipro Stylus with collimator lens

This lighting fixture comes with a collimator lens which is glare-free with UGR<6. This feature of the luminaire makes it appropriate for use while doing high performing and critical tasks. It is designed in such a way that it helps reduce the stress and fatigue of the occupants. It is ideal for green buildings and has a narrow beam angle - 45°.

Wipro Stylus with MPO diffusers

Wipro Stylus contains MPO diffusers that are ideal for providing a soft glow. Linear profiles with diffusers are highly opted by designers nowadays as it allows them to use light to form patterns and enhance the appearance of the ceilings. It perfectly suits the open ceiling style where the luminaire merges with the background and only the linear glow is visible.

Wrap up

Wipro Lighting ensures to add all hi-tech features in its modern office lighting solutions. So, Stylus is also infused with different upgraded features and is compatible with multiple technologies, such as DALI, Analog, Human-centric Lighting, Power over Ethernet, and Bluetooth. Furthermore, Stylus stands on the top of the list when it comes to counting high efficacy LEDs.

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