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March 29, 2021

All you need to know about wireless lighting control technology

Wireless connectivity is the most important element when talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled lighting systems. It is the juxtaposition of automatic lighting control and wireless networking that upgrade the lighting system to the next level to make it smart and intelligent. There are different protocols of wireless communication that are used in various IoT scenarios.

Along with simplifying the design, installation, operation, commissioning of lighting systems, wireless control also allows users to create an environment that can provide enough flexibility to accommodate different visual needs.

It is a plug and play solution, indicating no complicated and costly hardwiring and complex lighting management based on traditional lighting protocol is required. Other important benefits of lighting control include:

Saving of labour and material costs

This lighting system eliminates the requirement for dedicated associated switch legs and control wiring, conduit in many cases, traveller wires, and other raw materials, simplifying and speeding the installation process. It does not cause any damage to walls and ceilings, and minimal to no disruption to business operations.


Based on the changes and the need for space, the wireless lighting control system can be scaled easily.


The best advantage of wireless lighting control devices is that they can be easily placed in the areas where they are required without any limitations of wiring. Also, these can get installed in places that are complicated while wiring. There are some unique devices that are even more flexible. Some devices can even move and the system inflates relatively easily after installation.

These benefits of wireless control make these lighting solutions suitable for applications in areas where the cost of running control wires is huge or areas where installation is impossible, like parking, outdoors, retrofits, and warehouses.

These wireless lighting systems are revolutionising the domain of lighting by making it simpler, cost-effective and long-lasting. While using this technology in any industrial or commercial area one should trust lighting solutions of trustworthy brands like Wipro Lighting. Our lighting solutions are made by keeping all types of commercial necessities in mind. Each product that is launched by us is designed, developed, and distributed after rigorous quality checks so that it meets all desired parameters. We have a comprehensive range of smart lighting products from where you can choose those that meet your illumination requirements.

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