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September 13, 2022

An Overview of Wipro Lighting's Recessed Luminaires

One of the most crucial components of office decor is lighting. When done correctly, it fuses elegance and utility to effectively light up workspaces. That said, during the planning of indoor lighting systems or layout designing, we usually come across a type of lighting — Recessed Lighting. 

It is one of the most popular illumination options available to create optimised spaces. Compact workplaces generally keep recessed lights as their first priority. This is because they are installed higher than the ceiling line, which sets them apart from hanging light fixtures. From shower to task and accent lighting, recessed luminaires are versatile to meet different lighting requirements. 

Wipro Lighting provides a wide range of recessed luminaires that are visually pleasing, anti-glare, and multi-functional with high efficacy and durability to fulfil various needs of commercial LED lighting.

To name a few, here are some beneficial recessed LED lighting solutions. 

2x2 Recessed LEDs

The first in the list is a 2x2 catalogue. The luminaires offered here are the most vibrant lighting solutions for cheerful workspaces. The lights measure 2 feet in length and 2 feet in width to sign up for every application in this dynamic corporate world. No wonder, this universal lighting type is preferred by various organisations to revamp their old indoor LED lighting systems into new ones. 

Verge, Opus, Wave, Radiance, and Immaculate LEDs are some powerful luminaires to explore in this segment.

Linear Recessed

Another type of recessed lighting is linear recessed. These luminaires are installed as a suspended form on a ceiling, recessed into a wall or ceiling and even surface mounted to a wall, etc. 

Our Lineos LED is the most suitable linear recessed luminaire to fulfil lighting needs for offices, banks, conference rooms, lecture halls, and reception areas, etc. 

Furthermore, it is equipped with PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology to embrace connectivity, data monitoring, performance tracking, daylight harvesting, and energy mapping, etc. 


Next in the list are downlighters. Downlights are known as great assets to create zones, highlights certain objects, navigate around the space, etc. they are excellent choices to achieve task lighting in a taricular desk or area. 

Mollis is one of the downlighters offered by Wipro Lighting with impeccable benefits, features and specifications. It is one of the prime choices of lighting professionals to add to the optimised lighting structure of offices. The Mollis range includes MOLLIS with a flush diffuser for volumetric lighting and Mollis with an inset diffuser for visual comfort. 

COB Downlights

A COB LED is a lighting source that features one mounted LED chip. This makes them brighter, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. That said, Wipro Lighting also manufactures COB Downlights such as Solas and Glitz to reap maximum benefits from the latest technology in the lighting industry. 

They both are premium downlights to install in low to high-ceiling areas for adequate brightness throughout the space. Be it hospitals, banks, retail, and offices, these luminaires are compatible with different natures of businesses to create a healthy and clearly visible environment. 

Panel lights

The perfect alternative to traditional ceiling lights is panel lights. They are versatile, to be placed in different buildings, having recessed ceilings or suspended grid ceilings. Various offices prefer panel lights as they offer a flat wall of illumination. 

We also provide panel lights like the Iris Slim. It comes with an ultra-sleek surface and slim square design to complement simple ceilings and optimised lighting design.

To wrap up, all the aforementioned luminaires are some of the best indoor recessed lighting solutions by Wipro Lighting to amplify every commercial space to the fullest. 

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