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May 15, 2022

Back to School: Here is why Human-Centric Lighting is Important

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a new source of illumination that evolved to provide the light that mimics natural lighting and drives bodily functions. It basically enhances human behaviour, performance, and productivity. And, the most prominent effect of HCL on humans is better vision. 

This makes Human Centric Lighting an optimum choice to integrate into educational institutions like schools. Among various modern features, they can include this energy-efficient indoor LED lighting system to influence human behaviour positively. 

Read ahead to get better insights on the significance of Human Centric Lighting to consider for illuminating educational facilities. 

Importance of Human Centric lighting in schools

It affects our circadian rhythm

When school starts in the morning and children are greeted with cool white and intensive lights, it regulates their stress and sleeps hormones. To be specific, this regulation shifts their daily rhythm forward, making them more active during the day and tired at nighttime. Thus, it has a positive impact on the children’s sleeping patterns as well. In addition, Human Centric Lighting enhances short term alertness and concentration. It benefits students to pay better attention in the classroom and to what the teacher is saying. 

Moreover, later in the day, teachers can activate a more focused light source to perform certain tasks or activities like conducting a test. As students are already in shape with more concentration due to HCL, they can easily apply their healthy minds in the evaluative assessments and give their best.   


Human Centric Lighting includes modular LED luminaires with diodes that can transform the colour as per the need or desire. Furthermore, the colour rendering of the luminaire is higher than the traditional lighting solutions. It contributes to creating a valuable environment for performing various school activities like colouring, reading, writing, etc. 

Human Centric Lighting- inSync ™ by Wipro Lighting

To carry forward the third millennial transformation in schools, Wipro Lighting offers inSync–a Human Centric Lighting solution. It aims to create perfect synchrony of mind and body. This is to increase the well-being and productivity of the user. 

inSync ™  is one of the best Human Centric Lighting solutions that helps regulate the Circadian rhythm. The process includes the light entering the eyes through the hypothalamus and regulating Circadian rhythm via 3 chemical messengers (hormones)– cortisol, melatonin and serotonin. This regulated Circadian rhythm thus, has a positive effect on the psychological and physiological health of an individual. Therefore, this lighting system is not only sustainable but fruitful for establishing strong connections between light, body and mind.

Not to mention, HCL by Wipro Lighting can be delivered in three different technologies– PoE, DALI, and Bluetooth. 

If you are planning to revamp your indoor lighting system, considering Human Centric Lighting from top lighting manufacturers like Wipro Lighting can prove to be beneficial. It will not only help create a better and more focused environment within the space but will also contribute to improved cognition, health and productivity of teachers and students.  

You can explore the website to get in-depth knowledge of this lighting fixture to incorporate into your institution.

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