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July 30, 2021

Benefits of ceiling LED lights for businesses

LED lighting needs to be bright, uniform, reliable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient in an office setting. They can blend seamlessly into your ceiling tiles or can be suspended from the ceiling to create a floating light panel look. This amplifies the interiors of the building and creates a perfect environment for the visitors.

 Not only does it provide better illumination but also consumes lesser amounts of energy, lasts longer and is environment-friendly. Furthermore, they ensure uniform illumination and safe working conditions for the employees.

Here are some benefits that come with choosing ceiling LED panel lights:

Better light quality

Unlike fluorescent lights, ceiling LED panels achieve complete brightness instantly without any warm-up time. They use a reflective material that ensures appropriate light output. These fixtures have the capability to affect overall work environment by utilizing specific colour temperatures. Measured in Kelvin, different colour temperatures can affect the way you work in various ways:

  • 3500k light creates a warm inviting environment that is suitable for hotels, retail stores and other hospitality applications.
  • 4000K light helps reduce eye strain, which is ideal for offices, libraries, and classrooms. For instance, Inspiro, a suspended light fixture for offices by Wipro lighting, ensures minimized glare and gives a spacious and distinctive look to your workspace.
  • 5000K light helps improve alertness and visibility, which is best suited for auditoriums and hospitals.

Control Option

Most ceiling LED lights are dimmable. This gives you an opportunity to customize the light output as per your requirements. You need to connect your lighting to compatible motion sensors that will keep the lights on only when someone is in the room. Places like warehouses and storage facilities benefit a lot from motion sensors as employees may have their hands full and are unable to control the lights when entering or leaving the area.

Reduction in energy costs

Once you install LED drop ceiling light fixtures, your office will notice a significant reduction in money spent on energy bills. This is because LED light fixtures use half the energy fluorescent lights need for the same job. In addition, ceiling LED lights are fully dimmable and can be incorporated with motion sensors and building controls to further minimize energy consumption.

 In urban centres, people are now opting for smart and connected applications in their offices. In this way, LED ceiling lights are contributing favourably in terms of both high energy conserving and eyeful sense. These luminaires adorn your ceiling and make the surroundings even more appealing. 

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