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January 28, 2022

Benefits of green buildings and contribution of Wipro Lighting in creating them

Buildings that are designed, and operated to reduce the negative impacts and create positive effects on the natural environment and climate are known as green buildings. These buildings preserve our natural resources and enhance our quality of life. Therefore, it is essential to construct more and more green buildings. Furthermore, the construction of green buildings is eco-friendly and involves materials that are resource-efficient. Along with raw materials used in designing these buildings, eco-friendly LED lights also play a vital role in making these buildings well-suited for the environment.

In comparison to non-green buildings, green buildings come with numerous advantages that we will discuss in this write-up below.

Advantages of constructing green buildings

Low cost of maintenance and operation

Green buildings are designed by including unique construction characteristics that use natural resources efficiently. Such buildings follow the task lighting strategy and allow ample daylight to enter the building to reduce the amount of power consumption using the lighting systems. Furthermore, using environment-friendly lighting for health and well being is highly recommended. The construction cost of green buildings is a bit more expensive than non-green buildings. But, the reduction in the cost of maintenance and operation makes these buildings way cheaper in the long term.

Energy-efficient building

While designing green buildings, the priority is to reduce the dependency on non-renewable energy like coal. And for this, designers pay attention to the following pointer -

  • Installing solar panels to utilize the energy from the sun.

  • Designing windows to get more and more natural light to reduce the consumption of artificial lights.

  • Using eco-friendly LED lights.

In this way, they ensure that the building is using energy efficiently. 

Improve indoor environment quality

The indoor environment quality of a building is based on the conditions inside the building and how they affect people living there. It includes conditions such as -  air quality, lighting, ergonomics, and thermal condition. Appropriate Indore conditions protect the occupants' health by decreasing stress and improving their quality of life. These conditions are maintained in this building by installing operable windows, using the best eco-friendly lights, and more.

Furthermore, there are two major components of green building, human-centric lighting and low UGR luminaires. These fixtures help in decreasing energy wastage and reducing glare. inSyncTM lighting range by Wipro Lighting consists of human-centric and low UGR luminaires that match all the quality parameters and come with numerous benefits.

Contribution of Wipro Lighting in constructing green buildings

Wipro Lighting, India’s leading brand in the lighting industry, is encouraging energy conservation and promoting optimum utilization of resources. We have taken pride in being the only lighting manufacturer in India to supply high-quality energy-efficient LED luminaires to more than 55% of green buildings. We are promoting green building construction intending to mitigate the negative impact of non-eco-friendly elements on people and the environment. 

Green building is not only advantageous for the environment but also provides economic benefit, community and corporate benefit, as well as, health and safety benefits. Therefore, constructing green buildings is an ideal solution to address the rapidly growing construction industry in our country.  Wipro lighting solutions offer SolaRISE, an eco-friendly lighting option that aims to make solar energy a viable energy solution for all. Explore our website to know more about environment-friendly energy-efficient LED lighting systems.

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