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January 30, 2022

Create a silent and productive workspace with Wipro “Mute” acoustic lighting

With every passing year, workspaces have undergone numerous changes. From high wall cubicles to the current modular open working space many things transformed the office design. These designs encourage collaboration and provide a sense of having personal space even after having a hectic daily schedule. For all types of working spaces, there are two prominent pointers that need extra attention - lighting requirements and a peaceful environment. It is not possible to be that much productive if any of these are missing. Office spaces are filled with professionals and everyone has to communicate with each other for some or other tasks. This is the scenario of every office and intentionally it causes disturbance for others.

Sound affects the workforce psychologically, behaviorally, and cognitively and we aren’t generally aware of it. So to eliminate such disturbance, Wipro Lighting has come up with a modern lighting solution - Mute to bring evaluation in the workplace. Before understanding the benefits and specifications of this luminaire, let’s first know how noice hampers employees’ health and productivity.

Effects of sound on employees’ health and productivity

  • Noise stresses out people.

  • Productivity is disrupted when it is noisy.

  • Conversations become difficult in noisy environments.

  • It becomes tough to do multitasking.

  • Sometimes noise also becomes the reason for the lack of motivation in employees.

Furthermore, there are many other disadvantages of working in a noisy workplace, such as plugin-in the earphones making the task worse, using earbuds leading to irreversible hearing loss and more. As Wipro Lighting always keeps users' well-being on top, we have launched this innovative modern office lighting solutionMute’. This acoustic lighting solution has numerous advantages, comes in different shapes, and takes care of employees’ health. Let us read further to know everything about this amazing luminaire.

Wipro ‘ Mute’

This integrated acoustics lighting solution is a virtually glare-free brilliant professional office lighting option. It is combined with optimised room acoustics to create a stress-free and distraction-free vision and hearing in the working space. The panel of this high-tech luminaire is made with advanced acoustic fabric. It contains a durable and high performing sound absorptive product.

The panel of this luminaire is made from polyester short fiber. It is designed by needle punching on multi-folded polyester fabric sheets. After all the processes, the final product consists of a three-dimensional network structure that comes with breathable open cells.

This acoustic lighting is available in different shapes, like dome, octave, orbit, and stylus. These luminaires offer the following benefits, such as -

  • Reducing reverberation and echo.

  • Improving the sound space and establishing communication.

  • Reducing stress-level and improving employees’ well-being.

  • Improving personal conversations.

The advantages of these technically upgraded luminaires are not over yet, it comes with smart integration, like - Analog, Dail, Power over Ethernet, Bluetooth and Human-centric lighting. So, for promoting a healthy, productive and peaceful working environment, there is no better option than choosing Mute. It is one of the best acoustic lighting solutions that every modern office must have. Explore the website to know more about this advanced lighting option.