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September 28, 2022

Everything to Know About OnAir Lighting for Open Plan Offices

The workplace is where employees spend more than 8 hours a day. To be precise, they invest one third of their lives in offices. Therefore, it becomes crucial for employers to provide them with a healthy and fully illuminated space to work efficiently. Not only will this increase productivity, but it will also enhance their quality of life and well-being.  

For this, employers revamp their space with some popular architectural designs. One of them is the open floor plan. 

Today, many businesses are considering open floor plans to create a biophilic aura on their premises. The concept incorporates openness and proper ventilation with bright natural and modern LED lighting to soothe the body and mind of the employees.

However, the entire look and purpose of the redesign are achieved by integrating some premium and sleek indoor LED lighting solutions. These luminaires are specifically designed to be installed on transparent and exposed ceilings. 

Keeping that notion in mind, OnAir is Wipro Lighting’s one of the top workplace linear suspended edge-lit luminaires to select for integration into exposed ceilings. 

Look further to discover some unknown facts about this commercial indoor lighting solution.

What to know about OnAir LED by Wipro Lighting?

OnAir LED is a high-tech indoor luminaire with low glare light. It is equipped with diffused glow and high lighting quality with excellent uniformity and luminaire efficiency, UGR<19.

Even innovators praise such characteristics to create an artistic and profitable space. Let’s understand these features and specifications in detail.

What makes OnAir special to integrate into open plan offices?

Compelling features of OnAir

OnAir has an aesthetically pleasing design which seamlessly integrates into the plan. It has zero light leakage and hardware visibility on the surface.

Its sleek look and matt powder-coated extruded aluminium housing make it stylish and modern to amp up workplaces.

It delivers quality light throughout the space. This uniform illumination results in less fatigue and eye problems within a workspace.

This LED lighting also houses multiple light distribution options such as 100% down, 70-30% up and optic choices from standard to UGR.

Unmatched Specifications of OnAir

It features an extruded aluminium housing with a white matte powder coat.

It has a reflector+light guide plate+diffuser setup led to edge illuminated optics.

The light comes with the choice of a diffuser and UGR-19.

Enhanced light dispersion and better light transmission are the two core specifications one can notice in this luminaire.

It also offers low glare and consistent light output.

It comes with the option of DALI dimming and compatibility with analogue dimming

End-to-end connectivity is provided for continuous row installation.

These are some of the main specifications of OnAir to benefit from installing into commercial space. Moreover, if you require in-depth information about our products, you can download the brochure or explore the website by clicking here.

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