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December 20, 2022

HCL: A New Trend to Maintain the Well-being of Your Employees

Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) is quickly becoming the next frontier in LED lighting technology, with energy efficiency and sustainability continuing to be the key draws. It helps regulate circadian rhythms, also known as the biological clock which induces the sleep-wake cycle in the human body.  

However, due to the daily hustle and bustle, the working class tends to have a troubled sleep-wake cycle. Therefore, their sleep, mood, and performance are affected, both at work and at home. This is the reason businesses look for Human Centric Lighting solutions. These luminaires focus on minimising or eliminating flicker and provide excellent colour rendering along with the capacity of adjusting a light's brightness and colour temperature to make it comfortable for the human eye and stimulate chemicals within the brain to be active throughout the day. 

This new trend is booming day by day and is here to stay! You must keep yourself updated about this latest LED lighting technology to reap some healthy as well as lucrative benefits.

What is Human Centric Lighting (HCL)?

HCL commonly referred to as circadian lighting, is a type of illumination that promotes good health and well-being in people. HCL's design principles centre on enhancing consumers' comfort, mood, and productivity. Tunable light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures, which are simple to alter to mimic sunlight, are used to create HCL. Moreover, for vibrancy and comfort, multiple correlated colour temperatures are included in tunable LED lights (CCTs). 

How does Human Centric Lighting work?

The regular patterns of mental, behavioral, and bodily changes are known as circadian rhythms. These adjustments primarily depend on how bright or dark the environment is. A circadian rhythm is demonstrated by sleeping at night while it's dark and being up during the day. The majority of living things, including plants, have circadian rhythms, which repeat roughly every 24 hours. The most powerful trigger for resetting the 24-hour sleep-wake cycle is natural light.

This is where Human Centric Lighting comes into the picture. This type of indoor lighting system aims to regulate circadian rhythms efficiently. It works by amalgamating mind, body, and light. 

The light enters the eye through the hypothalamus, which maintains circadian rhythms through chemical messengers, including cortisol, melatonin, and serotonin, for positive physiological and psychological impacts.

Benefits of HCL

There are numerous benefits of installing HCL at your workplace, some of them are as follows:

  • Mood upliftment
  • Better productivity and improved performance
  • Clear visibility
  • Health and Safety
  • Sustainable LED

Be a Part of the Revolutionary Ecosystem: Install Human Centric Lighting (HCL) by Wipro Lighting

We have introduced an impeccable smart lighting control system for workplaces to thrive by leveraging the merits of natural lighting. Our Human Centric Lighting solution is an excellent product to help organisations create inspirational and competitive workplaces for employees, clients, and staff to appreciate. 

Several lighting professionals also recommend our HCL product to bring an environment-friendly change into the work zones. Furthermore, it operates through PoE, DALI or Bluetooth to stay connected and reduce energy wastage.

Moreover, explore our website to gain in-depth knowledge of the product or download the brochure for your reference. 

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