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June 20, 2022

How to Illuminate Spaces With a Low Ceiling?

Ceilings under 8 feet are referred to as low ceilings. Whether they are in the attic, home, workspace or basement, improperly lit low ceilings can simply result in unflattering pools of high contrast lighting. Furthermore, inconsistent illumination or overly bright lights can also lead to vague vision, especially in areas such as basements.

So, instead of worrying about the room’s lack of height, embrace it with the help of optimum led lighting solutions by Wipro lighting. Make calculated lighting design for your space and integrate our luminaires seamlessly to complement and brighten your space well.

Read on to explore some tips to plan a lighting design for your low-ceiling areas in order to start playing with the most versatile tools, luminaires.

Ways to enlighten a space with a low ceiling

The light above eye level

If you want to place lights on the low ceiling of your space, consider lighting above eye level. It will help prevent unwanted glare. For example, when talking about the rooms with a ceiling height between 2.20-2.30 metres, it should be installed at the height of approx 1.70 metres. 

Use more than one light source

Lighting professionals believe that people with low ceiling spaces should integrate various low-profile indoor LED fixtures like table lamps and lanterns, etc., to illuminate their spaces and create the desired effect. It will help sparkle up each and every corner in different directions which will further make the space feel lighter and more open. 

Just make sure to place ceiling lights at least 3 feet from the walls to prevent close or harsh shadows, making the ceiling appear lower.

Consider light coloured ceiling

Another way to have a beautiful and mesmerising lighting effect is to go for light-coloured ceilings. For instance, white colour can be the most effective shade to help make the space appear bigger. Plus, it will create a reflective surface to allow the illumination itself to have a better distribution of light thereby contributing to a healthier and brighter atmosphere. 

Think more of vertical

If you are to select the lighting for your low ceiling place, choose the lighting source keeping in mind the following things:

Size- If you prefer suspended fixtures, you must install one with a slim design which has more width than height. And, consider placing it close to the ceiling for better brightness. 

Location- For modern desk lamps, you can install them at different work tables or desks to get enough illumination with enhanced ambience and mood of the place. So, closely examine the different locations  of your workspace to know what will suit the best. 

These are the most beneficial tips for lighting low ceiling spaces. Keeping them in mind, install lighting fixtures, mainly recessed luminaires. You can choose Verge LED, Immaculate Plus LED and Iris Slim, some of the highly appraised lighting options available for low ceilings.

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