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May 17, 2021

How to make lighting intelligent?

In this era of digital and technological advancement, we can see upliftment in every sector. We can agree with the fact without any doubt that the lighting industry can be considered among the domains that witnessed a lot of transformation. Just turn the pages of history and look almost two decades back. Have you ever thought that a lightbulb can do anything more than illuminating light? Or the simple light bulb can give internet access and connect with smart devices? A lot more transformation has happened in the past few years, and almost everyone has switched on the smart lighting mode. This write-up is for those who are still doubtful about how to incorporate smart lighting solutions in their daily lives?

There are a plethora of intelligent lighting technologies available in the market that sometimes create confusion, so here are a few ways in which you can convert your normal space into a hi-tech zone by using the smart lighting technologies.

IoT LED Luminaires

If you are among those who forgot to switch off the lights while going out then, it’s time to replace your regular LED lights with internet-capable LED luminaires. With the help of these hi-tech lights, you can control the lights remotely. You can use your smartphone to switch on and off the lights. This intelligent lighting system by Wipro Lighting saves a lot of energy, money and prevents any accident.

Add dimmers

If you have a constrained budget and don’t want to spend much on intelligent luminaires then, buying a LED dimmer and adding it along with your existing lighting is the best option. It will adjust the brightness of the lighting sources so that you can dim the lights whenever you want. This will prevent the wastage of electricity and make the lighting smart.

Use motion sensors

Using motion sensors is another way of converting simple lighting solutions into intelligent luminaires. Motion sensors sense activities happening in the surrounding and stimulate lighting accordingly. These intelligent lighting systems automatically light up, sensing the presence of humans and turn off after their departure. It is one of the best ways of making lighting intelligent.

Temperature control lights

Nowadays, lighting and temperature control technologies are coming together so that you can adjust the temperature of the home, office, and other spaces with light bulbs. It is a novel technology that makes lighting intelligent. However, it is very effective and allows us to lighten up the area and control the temperature with only one gadget.


Different ways are available in the market to make lighting intelligent but choosing the best among all becomes confusing. One can eliminate this doubt by analyzing the requirements and exploring the Internet of Lighting (IoL)® range of Wipro lighting to get an outstanding lighting system.

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