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August 26, 2021
Is IoT taking energy management to the next best level?

The Internet of things (IoT) is one of the most meaningful revolutions of the 21st century that has ameliorated the ever-evolving energy management process. Moreover, growing inclination towards green energy, carbon footprint management, and government mandates, and policies are significant factors augmenting the market growth. Smart Energy Management System powered by IoT not only helps the energy distributors to lower the operational costs and management but also in increasing the demand of energy management solutions. This kind of system is essential for companies whose energy supply is regulated and managed through special contracts.

Energy Efficiency

A smart building energy management system that is driven by IoT technology goes way beyond most of the conventional building management systems.

Traditional building management systems help in managing power source systems like air ventilation, HVAC, elevators etc. Whereas, the IoT backed energy management system utilises (IoT) sensors to analyze, assemble, and convert energy data into useful information. The respective information can be used in the future for making better business decisions and enhancing the energy efficiency quotient.

Reduced Energy Costs

With the help of IoT powered Energy Management System, the consumers can attain a holistic view of every single element of energy consumption. The energy consumption data that has been accumulated over a period of time helps the enterprises in identifying relevant trends. For instance, people can easily analyze which areas have the highest or lowest energy consumption and how they can be optimized for maximum efficiency.

Operational Efficiency

At first, the initial investment in an IoT powered energy management system might seem exorbitant. However, the Return on Investment (RoI) is highly lucrative. With the help of real-time field data, it allows the concerned to improve operational efficiency. This further helps in reducing the human labour for tasks related to energy management. Moreover, one can also automate several different manual processes that require a number of man-hours with the help of IoT based energy management software.

For instance, time-consuming functions like meter reading and power distribution can be easily regulated by the system. It mitigates the requirement for manual work and ensures accurate readings.

Provides Support to Green Business Initiatives

IoT helps optimize energy consumption. Lowering the consumption lowers down the energy production and that ultimately reduces carbon footprint. This technology helps utility providers as well as business personnel in maximizing their renewable energy production by reducing carbon emissions.

This is a win-win situation for the enterprises as they not only save money and resources with reduced energy costs but also stay true to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The Future is IoT Energy Solutions

Doesn’t matter if one is a business owner whose aim is to reduce energy bills or to automate the operation while running several energy plants, there is an IoT solution for every single energy management requirement.

To take this further, Wipro Lighting, a leading provider of lighting and IoT solutions joined hands with Enlighted to revolutionize smart lighting in smart buildings. Both the organizations are integrating their solutions and technologies to create smarter buildings across multiple customer segments.

Enlighted IoT sensors are being integrated into Wipro’s future-ready luminaires - creating the backbone for Wipro’s Smart Space Solution. Enlighted’s cloud-connected smart sensors, distributed through lighting fixtures, will help create dense infrastructure data about happenings in the building multiple times per second. Once Enlighted sensors are embedded into Wipro luminaires, not only will they integrate with the HVAC/BMS, but also detect motion trails via heat mapping and lead to a safer working environment.

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