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December 2, 2019

LED Buyer’s Guide: Floodlights

Floodlights are high-intensity luminaries that emit a broad beam of light for illuminating a large area. These power-packed luminaires are typically used in spaces like stadiums, manufacturing plants, shipyards, industries, etc. that require uniform illumination throughout. 

Traditionally, people relied on halogen or HID based floodlights as per their use and requirements. However, in modern times, people are acknowledging the idea of sustainable lighting solutions that has eventually added to the popularity of LED floodlights.

According to the top commercial lighting manufacturers, LED floodlights are leveraged with various other benefits apart from sustainability. They deliver a long-lasting performance and ensure savings on the initial capital investments. However, the market is flooded with substandard and inferior quality products that often tend to deceive people with fake claims. Thus, it is important for people to decide on high-quality LED floodlights after making sure of certain important factors.       

Here are some important factors that one should keep in mind before deciding on appropriate LED floodlights:           

1. LED Driver

According to the leading LED lighting manufacturers, an LED driver is an electrical device responsible for delivering power to a string of light emitting diodes in a regulated manner. Moreover, it also safeguards the LEDs against pre-mature failure by controlling the heat emissions. Floodlights emit high intensity light that makes the luminaire vulnerable to damage. Thus, people are suggested to buy floodlights that incorporate and run on high-quality LED drivers (only). For instance, Alpha Floodlight LED and Revo Floodlight LED by Wipro Lighting comes with an in-built integrated LED driver.      

2. LED Component and Lumen Levels

Outdoor LED floodlights typically use 3030SMD or 2835SMD LED components for achieving illumination of great intensity. Thus, people are required to check upon the compatibility of LED components with the claimed lumen values. According to the best industrial lighting manufacturers, good quality floodlights with the above-mentioned LED components come with a lumen level of 100 to 110 lm/w (in general). However, if the seller is providing a 150 lm/w LED luminaire using 3030SMD LED components, people should remain careful with respect to the heat dissipation.    

3. Choose the right colour

The colour of an LED floodlight is chiefly determined by the colour temperature (measured in Kelvins). Over the period of time, LED lighting manufacturers have made floodlights available in several colours to serve various purposes. The colour people choose may depend on their personal choice or on the purpose it’s going to serve in a space. For instance, outdoor sports stadiums typically use floodlights with a colour temperature of 5000k.        

4. Warranty

LEDs are widely regarded as the best lighting solution due to their longer life. They typically remain functional for almost 50,000 hours. However, people are suggested to always buy products that are covered under company warranty. 

Lastly, people should also look out for other features like IP certification, quality of the housing and lens, efficiency, etc. before buying an LED floodlight.

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