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June 14, 2021
LED lighting for supermarket and grocery stores

In the contemporary world, there is hardly any domain that is not using LED lights. From streets to offices, colleges to healthcare, houses to grocery stores and supermarkets, the commonly used lighting solution is LED. We can see these luminaires almost everywhere around us because of their unmatchable features and benefits.

Bright and clean illumination is required everywhere, including corner shops, supermarkets and grocery stores to boost visibility and business. Better lighting in grocery stores uplifts the overall customer experience. It attracts them to make the routine as well as impulse purchases.

Along with three universal reasons for using LEDs : maintenance cost reduction, better lighting performance, and energy efficiency, there are numerous other factors due to which we should use these LED lighting fixtures by Wipro Lighting in supermarkets and grocery stores. Here we will dig into some other advantages of LED lighting in grocery stores.

Allow colours to shine true

LED luminaires are one of the best lighting options for supermarkets because they help to show food’s true colours. These lights come with the best Colour Rendering Index (CRI) that is the measurement of how colours appear under a light source. The CRI index is measured from 0-100.

A perfect 100 indicates that colours under the light source look the same as they would appear under natural sunlight. High CRI lighting is valuable in offices, homes, grocery stores, etc. as it can transform the area by highlighting design details and providing a natural overall feel.

The purpose of using these lights in grocery stores is the same as its utilization in retail stores. Just like it shows the actual colours of the fabric, LEDs in grocery stores and supermarkets make food look more appealing.

Under dim fluorescent lighting, foods appear less appealing and darker when compared to products under LED lights. Installing these lights also boosts the sale because the better food looks, the more you sell.

Kills bacteria

We can see how difficult it is for the world to deal with this COVID-19 pandemic. It is our prime priority to sell clean and well-sanitized products. Installing LEDs that come along with UV-C technology is the most convenient way to kill bacteria and viruses.

For instance, ULTRARAY™ by Wipro Lighting can be the best option for places like supermarkets and grocery stores as it is highly effective and also has anti-microbial properties. It can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the surfaces as well as from air.

But, we need to make sure that UV-C lights are used in a controlled environment where there is no human interaction. As per the NUS study, it is proven that LED lights on the blue spectrum are best for killing pathogens in acidic conditions and colder temperatures.

Thrives in cold food storage

We can find most of the mouth-watering foods like ice cream, pizza, ready-made dinners, popsicles on the frozen aisle holds. The bright lights on the cases act as a spotlight for these foods, but sometimes we may notice the luminaires flicker or turns-off.

This happens because conventional fluorescent lighting does not work well in cold conditions. While LEDs thrive better even in colder temperatures.

Also, LED lights emit less heat in comparison to traditional lighting solutions, which means the freezer aisles easily get cooled and maintain the required temperature for a long time.

LEDs for interiors

Interior LED lights are one of the highly opted lighting options in grocery stores and supermarkets. High bay lights mounted on the ceilings are perfect for such stores because it saves up to 40 to 60% cost of electricity and provides maximum visibility to customers.

Furthermore, upgrading the lighting system by installing motion sensor lighting will save both cost and energy because it turns on and off with foot traffic.

Final note

Using LEDs in grocery stores enhances the look and feel of the entire store. It not only provides the aforementioned benefits; but also gives a modern and high-tech touch to the whole space. 


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