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January 3, 2023

LED Lighting Solution for Healthcare Industries

Thinking about the patient's best interests is the top focus in the healthcare sector. You might be astonished to learn that the patient's psychology is greatly influenced by the lighting. When they are in a calming, unwinding, and soothing mental zone, they feel considerably better and recover more quickly than they anticipated.

Moreover, the benefits of an efficient indoor lighting system are not limited to the patients only, the medical personnel, technicians, and doctors all feel more at ease in a healthcare facility that has been carefully designed. As a result, they tend to work more productively and healthily. 

This is the reason large-scale healthcare enterprises are consequently leaning more toward decorating their facilities and seeking a guided solution to install the right luminaires in the buildings.

Wipro Lighting aims to help medical experts and businesses get clear insights on different types of healthcare LED lighting solutions so they can  choose and embrace a healthy and sustainable environment throughout the facility. 

Set forth is the biggest improvement in the healthcare lighting industry introduced by us to know and buy to see the product in action and reap maximum benefits.

ComfortFlip Range

We offer the ComfortFlip Range, which makes sure to provide optimum illumination, which is advantageous for both medical professionals and patients. An ambient and comfortable environment is what patients seek for full recovery while doctors require clear, glare-free and warm lighting to carry out their daily operations easily. The ComfortFlip range is designed keeping in mind all these factors and manufactured with high-tech components to bring a revolution to healthcare institutions. 

A powerful lighting solution by Wipro Lighting

This range puts visual comfort and performance at the forefront to provide an impeccable atmosphere within a medical institution. However, along with these, the product is manufactured to offer several benefits, including the following:

Enhancing Mood and Perception

The luminaire provides bright illumination that is effective in enhancing positivity by uplifting mood and decreasing depression. As it emphasizes human comfort and performance, this human-centric lighting also regulates circadian rhythms effectively. 

Keeps in check, Morbidity

It helps decrease the rate of analgesic medication following surgery. Not only this, our experts suggest that the chances of curability increase with this comfortable lighting solution. 

Positive impact on behavioural aspects

Soothing illumination distresses the mind and body of patients, especially helping a lot of Alzheimer's patients. Furthermore, with optimized lighting in the overall space, a significant drop in disruptive and agitated behaviour is observed.

Different Healthcare LED Lighting Solutions 

We have a wide variety of luminaires to suit the healthcare industry. From waiting areas, patient wards, operation theatres, cafeterias etc., these are designed to solve distinct illumination purposes. Some of them are:

1. Immaculate Soft & Smart LED: It is a revolutionary anti-glare luminaire specially made to soothe human eyes. As a result, doctors can see properly and perform surgeries effectively.

2. Vision LED (BOCR & TOCR): It is a best-in-class cleanroom luminaire.

Along with these, Mollis, and immaculate Trimless LED are other suitable options to explore. Furthermore, you can check our website to know the features and specifications of each lighting solution in detail. 

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