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September 22, 2022

LEDs for Cleanroom Illumination by Wipro Lighting

A cleanroom is a space where detailed work is performed to reduce contamination. However, while designing one, lighting is usually not the foremost thought. Still, optimum illumination plays a crucial role in the daily operations carried out here. 

A good indoor lighting system is a must to brightly illuminate every nook and corner of the cleanroom in order to avoid accidents and be productive. 

LEDs have now captured everyone by surprise due to their various benefits. This includes energy efficiency, cost-saving, different colours, longer lifespan and anti-glare properties. Therefore, many innovators and lighting professionals emphasize the utilization of LED lighting in different spaces, including cleanrooms, to reap maximum benefits. 

Wipro Lighting is one of the top lighting manufacturers in India and hereby brings to you reliable and good-quality cleanroom lighting options to explore.

Vision Plus 

It is one of the best-in-class luminaires by Wipro Lighting to illuminate cleanrooms efficiently. This LED lighting features various advantages for users to benefit from. If you want an LED lighting solution for your pharmaceutical and sterile space, Vision Plus is the one for you. Not only this, lighting professionals utilize this product for industrial lighting as well. 

It comes in two variants Vision Plus TOCR (top opening) and Vision Plus BOCR (bottom opening).

With CRCA bottom frame, housing cover and control gear compartment, this product aims to bring innovation into cleanrooms with durability and longevity. Even satin finish high efficacy differs and LED is installed into the luminaire for a simple yet stylish look. It comes in monochromatic colour and is screwless with SS and other variants to choose from.

Along with these features, the Vision Plus LEDs also come with specially designed plates and gaskets for positive locking systems. 

Vision LED

Second, on the list, we have Vision LED. From recessed mounting to bottom opening compatibility design, Vision LED has it all. With connectivity via PoE (Power over Ethernet), the luminaire can turn traditional cleanroom lighting into the most advanced space, harbouring data monitoring, motion sensors, and anti-glare properties. 

Moreover, this indoor LED lighting is best suited for hospitals, along with industries and pharmaceuticals, and sterile spaces. It features a CRCA powder-coated housing and a bottom frame along with a reflector. With specially designed high thermal conductivity Metal Clad, PCB and Housing, this luminaire is equipped with excellent heat dissipation. 

Not to mention, Vision LED is an LED lighting suitable for illuminating class 10,000 to 1,00,000 cleanroom applications.

These two are the most impeccable lighting solutions, praised by innovators for being installed in cleanrooms. 

Moreover, for detailed specifications, you can explore our website and know more about the above-mentioned products and make the right purchasing decision to carry out daily operations effectively.

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