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November 16, 2022

Linea: A Minimalistic Luminaire to Amp up Your Office Space

The moment you enter a brightly illuminated space with a welcoming aura as compared to a workspace or commercial area with poor or harsh lighting. Why so?

Here light plays drastically immense this is because lighting plays a greater role in calming our minds by producing happy and relaxed hormones in our bodies. Not to mention, On top of that, we do not encounter eye problems when we work in a glare-free luminous environment.  

Today, there are various advanced LEDs introduced in the lighting industry with unimaginable merits. To be specific, luminaires are manufactured with smart technology, and best-in-class components keeping in mind sustainability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness factors. These determinants help spaces reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining the health of the employees who are giving their 9 hours a day to the organization.

However, along with cost and energy reduction initiatives, modern office LED lighting is also designed in distinct shapes and patterns to offer versatility and flexibility. This makes them easy to blend in for improving the aesthetics or creating an alluring vibe for clients, staff, and competitors to glaze.

Our Linea LED luminaire is one of a kind modern LED lighting solution manufactured with the thought of adding a minimal touch of simplicity in the contemporary workspace without comprising the quality of illumination and the functionality and decor of the office. 

Introduction to Linea

Linea is a pure-sublime contemporary light with impeccable benefits. Produced after several tests by a team of professional lighting manufacturers, it is really a simple, smooth and clean luminaire with an easy installation kit for workplaces to boost productivity with optimum illumination. Here are the features and specifications of this compact luminaire to look at:

  • It includes an extruded aluminum housing with an engineered plastic end cap and a powder coat finish in either White or Black.
  • It comes with an optimal design of 43mm width to provide a pristine and fashionable look.  
  • Infused with a HET diffuser, it offers a soft, soothing, and low-glare experience.
  • Delivers optimum light output with an efficacy of >100 Lm/W.
  • It features sliding suspension & diffuser for instant installation. Not to mention, an isolated driver ensures effective energy consumption as well. 
  • It is equipped with high-efficiency LEDs with the option of a CCT that produces uniform and ideal light.
  • Compatible with IS 10322 part 5/Sec 1 2012, general purpose lighting; High-Efficiency Translucence (HET) flush diffuser for a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Furthermore, this commercial office light fixture can be installed hassle-free due to adjustable components and technical configurations. This may include:

  • It is packed with a driver tray that can be taken out on one face of the extrusion.
  • Its Sliding suspension pin can be effortlessly placed at any suitable point.
  • It comes with a sliding diffuser arrangement as well.

Many industries and offices have shown keen interest in uplifting their workplaces for better work-life balance for employees and other occupants. Now it's your turn to leverage the benefits of our minimalistic Linea on the ceilings of your office space. 

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