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January 28, 2022

Modern office lighting requirements in 2022

Office lighting plays a vital role in the health and well-being of employees and affects the performance of the workforce. The type of lighting that we use in the workplace impacts the mood, output and overall health of the employees. There are various points of consideration while selecting and setting up an appropriate lighting system in the office. Such as -

  • The selected lighting should not be too dull or too bright.

  • There should be a balance maintained between bright and dim lighting requirements.

  • There should be a synchronization between indoor and outdoor lighting.

  • Based on the office space layout, different types of lighting fixtures are required, like LED ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, and more.

Furthermore, it must be ensured that the lighting system should not have an adverse impact on the eyes health of the employees. To improve the productivity level of employees proper office lighting should always be used at the workstation. Below are the three must-have luminaires in the modern office setup.

Lights that should be used in modern offices

Panel lights

LED panel lights are the best luminaires that provide even lighting in the workspace without using huge fixtures that occupy a wide area. These lights seamlessly blend with the ceiling, minimize clutters, and give an appealing look to the office.. These lights can be styled in different patterns, installed in the false ceiling and fits the needs of modern offices. Immaculate Trimless LED by Wipro Lighting is one of the widely used panel lights in today’s offices.  

Architectural lights

Architectural lights make the area look more spacious, airy and open. These types of luminaires are well-suited for the waiting area and reception of the offices. It makes the area look more appealing and puts a positive impression on the visitors. Using LED architectural lights and chandeliers from renowned brands can make the space look more modern and attention-grabbing.

Reading lights

Having flexible wall-mounted LED reading lights in the office will help employees in working on the documents. Furthermore, this type of luminaire assists in working on the laptop with enough light. It is always beneficial to have a reading light in the working area as one can use it whenever required. These lights are generally installed beside the chair. Therefore, it is not required to get up and switch on and off the lights as per the needs. It also makes the area look more stylish and elegant. These lighting fixtures can be mounted at the workstation and cabins to give a professional look in the working environment.

Now that we have an understanding of which type of lights are used in the office space, there are a few more pointers that require attention.

  • After choosing the right light, it is important to examine the space. Understand where the natural light is coming from and is sufficient. If it is, you can dim or turn off the artificial light in the daytime.

  • Then, determine the type of office light that is required. For instance - direct lighting, indirect lighting, direct-indirect lighting, shielded lighting, etc.

  • Provide as much natural light as possible to your team.

For understanding and implementing these pointers in detail, it is best to get in touch with experts. They will analyse the space and tell whether suspended lights for the office are perfect for the space, or wall and ceiling mounted LEDs are required. And, once everything is done, always make sure to trust reliable lighting brands in India that meet all the commercial lighting requirements.

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