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May 25, 2022

Perfect LED luminaires by Wipro Lighting for Museum Lighting

For museums, modern LED lighting is becoming more interesting and demanding with each successive day. Specifically, the quality of luminaires has improved rapidly over recent years. As a result, there is higher efficiency and colour rendering ability observed in LEDs. 

Many LED light sources have become an integral part of museum lighting to showcase the artwork aesthetically with not too bright or dull illumination. Not only this, the latest indoor lighting solutions are considered in museums because of their sustainability feature. 

However, to ensure museumgoers enjoy their visit to the fullest, the right set of lighting solutions needs to be placed properly. We have covered some beneficial LED lighting options to try and embrace the space and enhance the view of specific objects for a delightful experience for patrons.

3 LED lighting solutions by Wipro Lighting for illuminating Museums

LED Linear Lights

LED linear lights are one of the best luminaires to use in museums. They are simple yet effective replacements for traditional lighting solutions. Furthermore, they cost-effectively provide a more eco-friendly environment.

Wipro Lighting offers various LED linear lights such as Axeon+ – a versatile and contemporary Linear LED, and Linea —a pure sublime contemporary luminaire to integrate into the museum lighting system. 

LED Track lights

Another efficient lighting solution to consider for illuminating museums is track lights. This type of lighting can alter the mood of the exhibition or gallery. Many museums use track lights to draw the eye to sculptures and other things on display. The subtle play of light and dark colour temperatures is used to guide the visitors’ journey from entry to exit. Even track accent track lighting can be considered to create such a contrasting ambience to be loved by the patrons.

You can go for the Sleek range of luminaires by Wipro Lighting. It has a slim design and offers multicolour patterns which make it ideal for different applications to increase the overall appearance of the exhibition. Furthermore, it houses a track adapter with a special track locking system to ensure proper mounting of the light. Thus, it is safe and easy to install in galleries and museums.

LED Suspended Luminaires

Suspended lighting is an amazing way to have a contemporary and stylish appearance in the space. And, museums pay special attention to look and ambience. Thus, considering a suspended lighting solution is a great choice to meet the desired goals and illuminate the space brightly. 

Wipro Lighting understands these concerns, and thus, brings to you some fantastic indoor suspended lighting solutions to choose from. These may include-

  • inForm range- It is beneficial to create a curl effect in space. Plus, it comes with superior optics and an easy installation process.

  • Sky Scale- Another latest lighting technology to consider for museums is Skyscale. It delivers the optimum amount of light far and wide along with a customizable and modern design to change the overall look of the space. 

Along with these, you can also consider some downlights like Glitz and Solas, and spotlights such as Atom spotlight to beautifully illuminate every corner of the museum to the fullest. 


To exhibit the right colour and ambience of the art pieces, museums require a light source with excellent colour rendering features to showcase the original appearance of the objects. By considering the above-noted lighting options, one can easily achieve optimum results and make patrons happy. 

With the assurance and quality of Wipro LED light fixtures, museums can reach a greater height in terms of improving customer satisfaction, eco-friendliness, productivity, energy savings, and creating an eye-catching ambience.

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