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October 4, 2018

Pro Tips for Lighting in Parking Lots

When parking or taking out the vehicle from a parking lot, many people don’t realise the importance of illumination, unless it is poor. An adequately lit parking space helps both pedestrians and drivers feel safe while navigating to the entry or exit gate. On the flip side, without ample illumination, the likelihood of accidents and even crime increases. Lighting engineers and those working in the parking lot facility understand the importance of ample illumination in public spaces, especially areas where the footfall is high. This makes it clear that parking lots need special consideration.

A parking lot is the first impression of any event, mall or even an organisation. When someone parks in, they want to have a comfortable and hassle-free experience. An excellent first experience automatically offers a promising view of the place they are visiting. This is precisely why ample lighting is essential in parking lots. So, if the lighting isn’t as bright as it should be, perhaps one should think of an upgrade. When it comes to refurbishing, LED lights prove to be extremely beneficial. Not only are LED lights bright and effective, but they also prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

Here are a few tips for achieving the perfect lighting in parking lots.

Have All the Installation Information

When refurbishing to LED lights, it is imperative to be fully prepared. Stay constantly in touch with the installation company to be sure that everyone is on the same page. Before the refurbishing starts, here are a few details to hammer down:

  • The height of the fixtures
  • Least and the busiest hours of the parking lot
  • Voltage and wattage
  • The distance between two fixtures

This list can be longer or maybe even shorter. All of this depends on the how big the refurbishing project is going to be. If all parties have a great understanding of the requirements, the transition from conventional lighting to LED lights will become smoother.

Choose the Right LED Light Manufacturer

We at Wipro Lighting are dubbed as one of the most trusted LED light manufacturers. We have a wide range of LED lights that are suitable for all areas of a parking lot. To make the refurbishing process a stress-free one, we advise investing in quality products that offer superior performance and prove to be cost-effective in the long run. We understand that it may sound like a great idea to invest in cheaper options, the fact is that their maintenance and replacement will end up costing more or less the same. LED lights prove to be a little heavy on the pocket in the beginning but prove to be cost-effective in the long run because of their energy-efficiency and virtually no maintenance cost.

Utilize the Space Well

When choosing the right parking lot lighting, space usage is a vital factor to consider. Whether refurbishing or illuminating a new parking lot, the lights must offer glare-free and uniform brightness. However, this doesn’t mean that the lot should be so bright that it becomes difficult for the drivers to navigate. To ensure the area looks elegant and is highly functional, there should be no visual clutter. Also, to keep light pollution away from parking spaces, the most common sources of pollution must be kept in consideration. The most common sources of light pollution are visual clutter, glare, light trespass and skyglow.

Final Words!

An adequately lit parking lot not only enhances employee and customer safety but also attracts business. To meet the situation, the owners must think beyond the right lights and consider the illuminance level as well. Experts from Wipro Lighting can help determine the best lighting solutions that are not just cost-effective but long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing as well.

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