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June 5, 2020

World Environment Day 2020: 3 Reasons you should decide on LED Lighting Solutions

The World Environment Day is one of United Nations’ most admired approaches that aims at encouraging awareness and actions for safeguarding our environment. Celebrated each year on 5th June, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has declared “Time for Nature” as the principle theme for the promising day this year with a focus on its role in providing all essential infrastructure that can support life on earth and human development.

Environmentalists all around the world assert that human existence is only possible because of nature. However, the modern world has not been so generous to nature as people have significantly failed in taking care of the environment. According to various studies, all forms of electricity generation are detrimental for the environment, although their intensity may vary.

In addition, rising population has further increased the demand of energy substantially, thereby increasing the danger of resource exhaustion in many countries. This calls out for the need of immediate actions that encourage energy efficiency and sustainability.

How LEDs are helpful?

LED lighting is currently the most efficient and sustainable lighting technology available in the world. As per the leading LED lighting manufacturers, LED luminaires not only surpass all the traditional lighting devices in terms of performance but also play a crucial role in saving our environment.

Here are some reasons that should encourage you to decide on LED lighting solutions on this World Environment Day:

1. Encourage energy efficiency

First and foremost, LEDs are the most energy efficient lighting solution available to people in the modern times. As a matter of fact, they are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting solutions like incandescent bulbs and CFLs. LED lights convert almost 95% of the electricity into illumination and waste a mere 5% as heat. Furthermore, LEDs also savour a long serviceable life of almost 50,000 hours. These are some huge improvements in terms of energy utilization that are highly beneficial for the environment.

2. No UV and IR radiations

Lighting solutions like CFLs have always been subject to criticism due to their safety issues. Various studies have affirmed that all CFLs emit some UV and IR radiations. They get extremely hot due to IR and attract bugs as a result of UV radiation. Moreover, they contain mercury, an adverse substance that makes disposing off lights harmful for the environment. On the other hand, LED luminaires are environmentally-friendly lights that neither emit UV or IR radiations not contain any toxic elements. They are completely safe to use and dispose, which makes them an ideal lighting solution in the modern times.

3. Better and brighter illumination

LED lighting solutions promise better and brighter illumination in the space, be it indoor or outdoors. According to the top commercial lighting manufacturers, LED lights provide better light distribution and can achieve the required illumination levels with much lesser number of luminaires.

Lately, the Government of India has also recognized the environmental and sustainability benefits of LED lighting solutions. In the wake of encouraging energy efficiency, the government has distributed more than 36 crore LEDs across the country under the National Ujala Scheme.

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