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January 28, 2022

The importance of architectural lighting

Whether it be offices, factories, or houses, lighting puts a huge impact on the visibility and appearance of every space. Sufficient and beautiful lighting can enhance the look of a dull space, whereas improper lighting implementations can make a catchy area look less impressive. Therefore, according to the requirement of the space, it is essential to have proper outdoor architectural lighting arrangements.

A design process that shows how light and its forms will impact the look and feel of the spaces is termed as architectural lighting design. Whether architects are working with natural light, electric light, or both, they have proved that lighting and their lack can have an unexpected impact on people's health and productivity. That’s the reason why designers and architects are showing more inclination towards the effect of lighting because now they can use modern LED lighting with advanced technology for improvement.

Furthermore, there are many additional benefits of using architectural lighting in buildings that are discussed below.

Advantages of architectural lighting

The intensity, colour, tone and type of lighting has a significant impact on the thinking and feeling of humans. So, each of these factors should be taken into consideration while designing commercial and domestic spaces.

  • Architectural lighting impacts our perceptions of depth and volume, that’s the reason why a well-lit area seems larger than its actual size.

  • Architectural lighting can bring outdoor spaces and facades to life. From utilizing outdoor lighting fixtures for security, dramatic effects or landscape, these lights change the way of seeing and understanding a pathway, building or any space.  

  • Architects consider alternative sources of energy, like solar energy to make the buildings eco-friendly and energy-efficient. They use intelligent lighting solutions, such as dimmers, human-centric lights, and more to minimize the waste of energy. Energy-saving architectural lights come in different shapes and sizes that fit in different exterior spaces and enhance the beauty.

  • In architectural lighting are used in buildings, statutes, and on plants and trees to grab attention. 

  • Whether it be task lighting for safety or ambient string light for outdoor parties, architects need to evaluate the outdoor space requirements and use proper outdoor architectural lighting for exterior spaces. 

Architectural lighting is crucial for defining the appearance of the building. While constructing commercial and residential spaces, the correct installation of architectural lights will help determine people's feelings when they enter the building, see the statue, walk on the pathway and more. Architects consider every single element while bringing design into reality. They also focus on using the high-quality luminaires offered by Wipro Lighting. We have a broad range of outdoor architectural lighting fixtures that match with the architect’s and designer’s ideas and fulfil the requirements of the building or other exterior spaces.

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