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January 29, 2022

Things to remember while designing a lighting plan for office

The lighting requirements at the workplace varies according to the nature of work and the needs of employees. Ideal modern office lighting ensures that the working environment is conducive and the lighting design is proper. The lighting implementations and frameworks play a vital role in the productivity of the workforce. If the overall workplace environment is appropriate for employees, they feel physically and mentally fit and their performance also enhances drastically. While transforming the office appearance to make it more lively, the placement and choice of lighting is something that we need to take care of.

Furthermore, there are many other pointers that one should consider while designing a lighting plan for modern workplaces. Let’s scroll down to know them in detail.

Pay heed to the following pointers while making lighting plans for workplaces

Proper use of natural lighting

We naturally feel happier on bright sunny days in comparison to dark and gloomy days. The lack of natural light has shown an impact on the mood of the employees and leaves them fatigued often. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the workplace is designed in such a way that ample natural light is coming in which makes employees feel more active. Another benefit of having natural lighting in this office is that it saves the cost of artificial lighting. And, in areas where artificial lights are mandatory, it is recommended to use office LED lighting.

Usage of energy-efficient lighting

While designing the office lighting plan an optimum lighting installation is done when there is a perfect balance between increased workers’ productivity and decreased electricity bills. Using LED luminaires is the best way to make modern office lighting ideas more sustainable. These luminaires are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and also come in numerous designs, with ample features. Some LEDs like Immaculate Soft & Smart, Sylus low UGR by Wipro Lighting are anti-glare luminaires that provide comfort to human eyes, reduce headaches and increase productivity. LEDs are one of the most versatile lighting options that must be used in modern office design plans.

Planning and posting of office lighting

If there is improper lighting in the working space, it will cause strain in the eyes of employees, cause headaches and ultimately affect mood and productivity. In the modern working environment, we spent most of our time in the office. Therefore, the working environment must be appropriate because it impacts our health and life. Different areas in the office demand different types of lighting, such as bays, workstations, and cabins should be well-lit by using task lighting. There should be ambient lighting in the walkways and breakout areas and meeting rooms should have big pendant lights hung above the large table. Along with these, there are many other ways in which we can use the right LED office lighting and make the space more appealing.

Wrap up

The aforementioned are some of the essential points to consider while designing the workspace lighting plan. Explore the wide range of Wipro LED office lighting to know more about suitable illumination options for workspaces.

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