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August 19, 2019

5 Tips to choose the Best Lighting for Shipyards

Shipyards, also known as dock yards, are big commercial sites where ships are built and repaired. These sites are packed with a hefty infrastructure, including big cranes, slipways, dry docks, etc. in order to move the cargo ships or boats along the water passage for maintenance purposes.

Since operations on shipyards are carried out all day long, they require adequate lighting in both indoor and outdoor working areas. According to the top LED light manufacturers, the installation of smart industrial lighting solutions can minimize the chances of accidents in shipyards while ensuring a safe environment for workers at all times. 

Here are some tips that one should consider before choosing lighting solutions for a shipyard: 

Bright lights for better safety

Ship building and repairing involves a lot of engineering work like welding, plumbing, beating, forging, etc. Since these operations are vulnerable to accidents (if not carried out properly), it is extremely important to install lights that offer the right level of brightness.

Energy saving LEDs

Shipyards are big spaces that require a substantial number of commercial lighting fixtures to illuminate the whole area. Since the number of lights is directly proportional to electricity consumption, it is better to install commercial LED light fittings in the area. These lights consume lower amount of electricity, have a longer life, and dispense a higher return on investment.  

Minimal light pollution

According to the leading commercial lighting manufacturers, all outdoor lighting fixtures at shipyards should be concentrated. This helps in the prevention of light leakage outside the shipyard site and reduces the effect of light pollution in nearby areas.

High uniformity

Working in varied lighting conditions (with different intensities) can damage the eyesight of the workers and potentially lead to eye fatigue. This can further hamper the productivity of the workforce and emerge as a nemesis for the business. Thus, concerned authorities should make sure that uniformity in lighting is maintained at all times. 


Shipyards are constructed near the river banks or sea for easy ship and boat commute. Thus, experts suggest that concerned authorities should use waterproof or IP rated lighting fixtures that can withstand splashes of sea water and rains. 

Lighting is an essential aspect that ensures safe and proper operations at the shipyards. In such a scenario, street light pole fixtures, LED flood lights, and high mast lighting fixtures are some of the key lighting accessories that are best suited for shipyards.