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June 18, 2021

Types of lamps that provide UV-C disinfection lighting

Given the current outbreak of COVID-19, people are getting more and more inclined towards purchasing and installing UV-C lights at homes, offices, factories, schools and other public places. It is because ultraviolet light kills or destroys cells of disease-causing bacteria and viruses by damaging their DNA. It disinfects the surface, air as well as water. So, it is the best option to keep deadly pathogens away from us.

There are a variety of UV lights available in the market but we cannot pick any of them randomly for our daily use. It is of paramount importance to understand what type of UV lamps or luminaires provide UV-C disinfection lighting. It is because, as per the ultraviolet germicidal irradiation method of disinfection, UV-C lights are appropghtriate for killing microorganisms and pathogens. The short wavelength of UV-C lights disinfects the air, water and surface.

There are two types of commercially viable lamps that emit UV-C. Most of the lamps are sold as components in a complete disinfection system or as compact lamps. The forms of these UV-C lamps are mentioned below.

Lower pressure mercury (LMP) lamps 

Lower pressure mercury lamps are very much identical to conventional fluorescent lamps in form and shape. However, the UV-C lamps don’t have fluorescence phosphor and are made of fused quartz, contrary to borosilicate glass.

This allows the light produced by the mercury lamps to arc inside the luminaire and pass out of the glass unmodified, producing light in the germicidal UV wavelength. 

Pulsed xenon

Xenon arc lamps are a form of a gas discharge lamp that produces lights by passing electricity through ionized xenon gases. Pulsed UV light systems like pulsed xenon can amalgamate the germicidal effects of UV-C lighting with the thermal disintegration of cell walls from the speed and intensity of the photon's delivery.

Understanding the technicalities of these two lamps are quite complicated for common people. So for them, there are other light sources of UV-C, like LED luminaires.

The ULTRARAY ™ CUBIX by Wipro Lighting provides 360-degree protection and disinfects up to 99.9% of the surface. It is powered with germicidal ultraviolet light that protects against deadly viruses and bacteria. Our high-quality UV-C disinfection system is perfect for all spaces, whether it be homes, shops, or offices.

It disinfects all the frequently touched belongings and ensures complete safety by cutting off the UV-C light on the opening of the door. So, these hi-tech UV-C disinfection systems are perfect for our day-to-day usage. 


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