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October 26, 2020

ULTRARAY™ CUBIX: Portable disinfectant for commercial spaces

Workplaces are potential pathogenic zones that are highly susceptible to the build-up of harmful viruses, microbes and bacteria. A study reveals that an average office desk may have no less than 10 million bacteria while a normal office keyboard houses nearly 7500 bacteria. These microbes can spread among employees via air, water, surfaces, or other humans, making them prone to various illnesses. Thus, workplace safety has gained immense importance, especially after the recent coronavirus pandemic.

The power of Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light is one of the best and most effective solutions that can complement the critical protection measures deployed to disinfect workplaces. As per experts, UV-C light is capable of damaging the RNA and DNA of pathogens and microorganisms. It can prevent the transmission of virus and bacteria and put a seal on a clean and disinfected workplace. This eventually ensures a healthy and safe working environment for the employees. Interestingly, UV-C light is suitable for a variety of commercial areas and day-to-day applications.

Introducing ULTRARAY™ CUBIX by Wipro Lighting

In the new normal, keeping a space clean is simply not enough. All commercial spaces are required to deploy disinfection and sterilizing strategies that can make the working environment safe for all the employees.

ULTRARAY™ CUBIX is a novel offering from one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers in India, Wipro Lighting. It is a portable UV-C disinfectant powered with a high germicidal ultraviolet light that can provide 360° protection against the invisible microscopic enemies. It is a highly effective disinfection solution suitable for a variety of application areas like fitness centres and gyms, retail, receptions areas, cafeterias, pharma manufacturing, food and beverage facilities, etc. Moreover, it is also highly suitable for hospitals where it can be used to disinfect masks, stethoscopes and other medical equipment.

Some features and benefits of ULTRARAY™ CUBIX include:

  • Uses high quality UV-C lamps with 254 nm wavelength to ensure superior disinfection.
  • Thoughtful placement of lamps to ensure 4-way exposure on the object placed.
  • Enabled with auto UV-C light cut off on door opening to ensure user safety.
  • Uses high-grade electronics to ensure extended luminaire life.

The product is available in two variants, i.e. 20L and 43L. It can be easily used to disinfect small objects like mobile phones, wallets, watches, bags, spectacles, etc. that share a risk of bacteria build-up. However, it is not recommended for certain products like power banks, dry batteries and medicines.