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May 25, 2020

Ways to reduce energy consumption in workplaces

Energy efficiency is the utmost global need of the hour. Various researches assert that global concerns like overpopulation and rapid commercialization are forcing high-speed consumption of the earth’s vital natural resources, which can lead to a massive resource crisis and an imbalance in the ecological cycle in near future. Fortunately, the world is coming together to tackle this problem and restore the importance of sustainability.

Over the period of time, various commercial sectors have established sustainability and efficiency as one of their prime business ethics. Moreover, the leading commercial lighting manufacturers are now also encouraging the use of energy efficient lighting solutions in workplaces in order to reduce the overall electricity consumption of the buildings and contribute to the business’s sustainability goals.

Here are some of the other effective ways that can help reduce energy consumption in workplaces:

1. Decide on LED lighting solutions

Appropriate lighting is one of the primary needs of all the workplaces. It is vital for clear visibility and smooth conduct of operations. However, lighting is also one of the major expense all businesses have to bear. Thus, authorities are suggested to decide on the most energy efficient LED lighting solutions in order to fulfil their lighting needs. The leading LED lighting manufacturers claim that LEDs are at least 80% more efficient than traditional lighting solutions and can significantly help businesses to save on electricity bills.

2. Use smart lighting controls

Combining LED lighting solutions with smart lighting controls is one of most effective ways of bringing down the total energy consumption in workplaces. Smart devices like motion sensors are capable of controlling LED luminaires on the basis of the space’s occupancy. Moreover, smart lighting controls like occupancy sensors and daylight dimming sensors by Wipro Lighting can reduce energy consumption by almost 35%.

3. Acknowledge renewable energy

Maximizing the use of renewable sources of energy like solar energy is a notable way of reducing the total electricity consumption and encouraging sustainability. Thus, people are suggested to install solar panels and increase their reliance on solar energy for a majority of their electricity needs. Office authorities can also opt for easy-to-use solar lighting solutions by Wipro Lighting as they are adaptable, reliable, and provide a viable energy solution for all.

Fortunately, workplace authorities are also encouraging energy efficient practices in office premises and among the employees. Replacing desktops with laptops, buying energy efficient appliances (5 star BEE label), upgrading outdated and old equipment, etc. are some of the best practices that are being increasingly adopted in workplaces.

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