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June 25, 2022

What to Consider while Lighting a Dental Office?

Lighting is an important aspect of creating a safe and inviting dental office. It provides a sense of accuracy and precision to the place for better vision and attention to the patients. Besides, it plays a great role in offering a comfortable atmosphere.

However, to achieve such an indoor LED lighting system, there are a few things to consider. According to the lighting professionals, the main aim while designing a lighting system in dental offices is to provide ample illumination for clear visibility to make patients feel at ease. Well, this can be a tricky blend and balance to achieve, but considering some effective tips can make it easier.

Read on to find out some things to remember for sufficiently lighting a dental clinic.

Select the right colour temperature

Undoubtedly, the right colour temperature is essential for a dental office to look decent. Furthermore, it will not only make the space look nice but also contribute to better care of patients.

Consider different temperatures for illumination of different areas. For instance, a cooler light temperature is optimum to mimic daylight required for certain areas like the waiting room. Whereas, warmer temperatures can be beneficial for the exam room to help relax patients right before the procedure begins.

Choose LED over fluorescent lights

Fluorescent was once the prime choice to light different spaces, now LED technology is certainly a strong competitor in the lighting industry. Usually, LEDs offer better returns in the initial installation costs in terms of the energy consumed to generate a lumen output.

Not only this, LED lights are more environment-friendly than fluorescent bulbs. It is also observed that LEDs are low heat emitting sources especially ideal for exam rooms where there is a need to create a comfortable space as much as possible.

If you have fluorescent bulbs in the dental clinic, consider replacing them with LED task lighting and ambient lighting to reap to upscale the office interior and experience.

Mix and match fixture types within the dental office

Exploring different types of LED fixtures to create a pleasing yet systematic space is an efficient way to bring modernity and sustainability to a place. Many dental offices are now incorporating recessed luminaires and surface mounted for perfect visibility and beautification.

Wipro Lighting also offers a wide range of recessed and surface-mounted luminaires to choose from. From Verge LED to Opus LED and Mollis, we have the best lighting options for healthcare facilities, including the dental clinic.  One can place these lights in the reception area, cabins and waiting rooms, etc. 

To make the space more attractive and soothing to the eyes, people can mix and match the lights in terms of patterns and light temperature. Even low glare lights can be incorporated into the lighting structure to reduce work error and offer comfort to the patients.

This technique can indeed work wonders to create a stylish yet functional space to soothe eyes and carry out medical practices with ease.

Another thing to add in order to enhance the overall look and feel of the dental clinic is to integrate COB downlights such as Glitz LED.

Lastly, some dental clinics find planning and installing different indoor lighting solutions a challenging task. Therefore, it is best to consult a lighting professional to get personalised suggestions or solutions in terms of the lighting structure of the space.

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