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March 1, 2022

Why is biophilic lighting better than other lighting options?

Today, biophilic lighting designs have captured the enormous attention of lighting professionals or designers to create human-centric spaces and designs. As light has a great impact on physiological well-being, biophilic lighting has emerged to be an excellent option to re-live the natural environment indoors. 

Biophilic is a powerful word for the ‘love of nature’. It is intrinsically linked to the most nurturing and sustaining element of nature, the sun. With daily hustle and bustle, we tend to spend most of our time indoors working at offices or homes. Therefore, there is no exposure to natural lighting or sun rays to regulate the functions of the body adequately. 

Lighting professionals came up with biophilic lighting as a solution for people to create a natural effect within their spaces. They believe with the advent and integration of biophilic lighting in the interiors will help people to enjoy natural essence and live healthily. 

But, that’s not all. There are some more bases to rely on biophilic lighting for a hygienic lifestyle and environment.

4 Reasons why biophilic lighting is the best for indoor illumination than other lighting solutions

It reduces depression, stress, and illness

One of the benefits of natural lighting is it has a calm and composed effect on the human body. The built-in lighting system has a direct impact on how the person feels by influencing stress, tiredness, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Hence, by integrating biophilic lighting designs, one can easily have a positive effect on the body and mind to work efficiently and carry out daily activities smoothly.

It regulates Circadian Rhythm

Another important point to consider biophilic lighting over other lightings is that it is useful to regulate the circadian rhythm of the body. It is observed that circadian rhythm does more than tell the body when to wake up or sleep. It also stimulates the release of hormones that helps the body stay energetic and alert during the daytime and have peaceful sleep at night. Unlike natural lighting, artificial illumination hampers this rhythm and may lead to health problems like fatigue and restlessness.

It aids in better concentration

Biophilic lighting can help reduce discomfort and pain caused by the most significant distractions like artificial lighting. Such lights flicker can potentially cause headaches and eye strains. However, biophilic lighting does not create these conditions as sun rays are more advantageous than harmful to human beings. As a result, these lightings help focus and concentrate efficiently on the daily tasks to be performed well.


Sunlight is one of the natural elements that support all the living aspects of biophilic design. With its amalgamation to the technology or advanced daylight systems available today, one can incorporate natural lighting into various buildings like industrial, commercial, or retail. 

For instance, Inform range by Wipro lighting is one of the best solutions that can help achieve the biophilic design and illuminate the space with natural radiance and glow. Furthermore, it will complement the visual, emotional, and psychological behaviours of the people in the space.

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