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March 20, 2018

Why Is It Important to Have the Best Lighting Conditions at Loading Docks?

Lighting is a necessity for all commercial applications. It is an integral part of our lives, and there is nothing possible without lighting in the modern world. The lighting industry is continually innovating and is a predominant factor in driving growth across various sectors of the economy. Although the growth might not seem direct, lighting is enabling faster processes while making the workforce more productive.

LED lights are becoming the lighting choice for all commercial applications because of their many benefits. Manufacturing plants, corporate offices, industries, educational institutes, public spaces, and more such areas are adopting LED lights.

We at Wipro Lighting, are one of the most advanced LED light manufacturers to provide a host of LED lighting solutions for loading docks, train yard lights, shipyard, and ports. Our LED lights are cost-effective and offer superior performance and visibility.

Here is why it is important to have the best lighting conditions at Loading Docks:


Safety is a paramount for spaces such as loading docks because of their critical nature. Since heavy equipment, goods and machinery are often loaded and unloaded at docks; it is essential to secure these areas as much as possible. The more active a staging area, the higher is the requirement of light levels for optimum visibility. Furthermore, higher illuminance is helpful in areas with poor contrast. The workforce in loading docks will see better if LED lights are used, as these luminaires offer beam uniformity and have a superior colour rendering.

Beam Uniformity for Better Visibility

LED luminaires like floodlights and high-bay luminaires have superior beam uniformity and are best suited for loading docks and train yards. Uniform lighting is necessary for loading docks as it improves area visibility which in turn affects employee performance. With a uniform beam, workers at night will be able to navigate quickly through the area, primarily cargo operators and forklift operators. A uniform beam will also reduce errors and increase safety as workers will not have to adjust their eyes to light. Having areas such as loading docks uniformly lit is essential.

High Lumen Output

Lumens is the measure of how bright a light source is; typically, a light source gets brighter as lumens increase. LED lights have a high lumen output which makes them effective for use in areas like loading docks. Fixtures such as floodlights are ideal for use in loading docks and shipyards since they have high intensity and flood an area with light.

Energy Efficient and Maintenance Free

For areas that operate 24x7, it becomes necessary to consider energy efficiency, especially in case of lights. LEDs are perfect for areas such as loading docks that must be adequately lit without wasting energy. These luminaires are highly energy efficient and provide high efficacy with superior performance. With a high lumen output, LED lights can produce more light per wattage of power which results in better illumination and less usage of power.

Color Rendering Index

Color Rendering Index or CRI is a measure of the capacity of light to emulate actual colour of an object. The primary purpose of considering CRI when lighting up loading docks is to minimise mistakes. In loading docks, most containers are colour coded, and there are also other hazards in such spaces. With a high CRI LED light source, errors can be minimised, and loading docks can be made safer. We at Wipro Lighting, provide lighting solutions for commercial applications and our LED lights bear a high colour rendering index for maximum performance.

LED lighting has significant advantages in areas such as loading docks, shipyards and trainyards that require superior performance. They are nothing short of a revolution in the lighting industry and are far better than conventional lighting solutions such as high-pressure sodium, metal halide, or fluorescent technologies. It is no doubt that lighting is essential for loading docks, however, having the best lighting conditions can make much difference. We at Wipro Lighting, believe in innovating and providing high performance LED lights for a plethora of commercial lighting applications.

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