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June 29, 2022

Wipro Lighting: A highly Trusted Brand for Smart Outdoor Lighting Solutions

With the advent of technology marvel— IoT (Internet of Things), many upgrades have been made to lighting products. One of the highly acclaimed and beneficial lighting solutions born to aid in better living and connectivity is Smart outdoor lighting. 

As we know, smart controls and indoor lighting solutions have already made our lives more convenient, work effortlessly and improved our standard of living. Leading commercial lighting manufacturers are now manufacturing smart luminaires for intelligent exterior illumination to maximise these benefits as well. 

Besides, smart outdoor illumination is a great thought and step of advancement towards building a smart city and contributing to developing a more sustainable economy.

Such smart outdoor lights make the environment safe and comfortable, along with playing a greater role in the upliftment of the economy’s digital ecosystem.

Not only this, they are imbibed with several benefits, including:

  1. Easy outdoor manoeuvre 
  2. Highlights and adds drama to the landscape 
  3. Comfortable and communal surroundings
  4. Motion sensors
  5. Improves energy efficiency
  6. Eco-friendly

These are some basic advantages of smart outdoor lights that one can get after installing them in personal or commercial spaces. However, there is much more to it. Wipro Lighting’s Smart Outdoor luminaires have much more to offer.

Let’s dive deep to understand the features of Smart Outdoor by Wipro Lighting to reap its maximum benefits.

Create Smart outdoors for safety, security and surveillance with Wipro Lighting

By offering reliable and good-quality smart outdoor LEDs, Wipro Lighting has positioned itself as a trusted brand for creating smart cities and outdoors. Our Smart Outdoor luminaires are potent for optimising energy consumption and traffic control with effective surveillance and data monitoring to build a smart city and establish strong connectivity via IoT.

To elaborate, IoT has paved the way to bring best-in-class lighting options embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity technology to feature system maintenance, safety solutions, and optimised management.

All these advantages are rooted in one of the led lighting products by Wipro Lighting, i.e., the Smart Pole.

Smart Pole - Key element of smart and connected outdoors 

The Smart Pole light is a type of smart outdoor LED to offer an enhanced user experience and safety for citizens. It is equipped with Wifi and RF connectivity, a smart screen, PAS systems, a motion sensor, and CCTV. 

Furthermore, it houses an efficient energy management system with automatic on/off/dimming of lights based on the location and sunlight.

Nonetheless, this smart outdoor luminaire is well designed to work efficiently as it operates on the LoRaWAN network and street light control software. 

No doubt, smart street lighting solutions like Smart Pole by Wipro Lighting are made with utmost care and hi-tech technology to improve the digital ecosystem and illuminate the areas sustainably with energy efficiency. Plus, it comes with the credibility of the brand itself to build trust. 

For more details about this product, you can always explore our website, download brochures, and review the luminaire hassle-free.

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