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November 27, 2021

4 Interior Lighting Design Tips For Winter

Winters have reached our doorsteps and it is imperative that we get fully prepared for the colder months ahead. Days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer, and soon the fog will make our surroundings darker and spookier. Winter is here and it is being followed by the feeling of sadness, depression, and sorrow.


Various researches assert that winter often takes a toll on our human health and makes people prone to a phenomenon known as winter blues.  The season is leveraged to experience comparatively less sunlight from November to January. This can influence certain hormones to trigger mood-related changes. For instance, reduced exposure to sunlight can create an imbalance with regard to brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters that eventually affects our mood adversely.

Fortunately, this feeling of sadness can be dealt with by altering or modifying the interior lighting solution. Indoor lighting plays a critical role to keep winter blues at bay and making the space warm, cheerful, and bright.

Here are some of the effective interior lighting design tips that you should consider for the winters -

Maximize Natural Light

Lack of sunlight is one of the primary factors that make people prone to experience winter blues. Thus, it is important that you get ample sunlight whenever possible. Moreover, make sure that you maximize sunlight in your indoor space. You can decide on installing big wall windows or roof windows to let sunlight in and illuminate the space naturally. You can also consider painting the walls with light colours and adding mirrors in order to make the space bright, airy and vibrant. 

Increase Illumination

Winters are dark and gloomy. Thus, make sure you increase the level of illumination in the indoor spaces. You can install brighter LED lighting solutions or can increase the number of LED luminaires to make up for the lost daylight hours. You can also decide on smart lighting solutions like Human Centric Lighting (HCL) in commercial spaces to ensure health and wellness. It imitates daylight-like conditions in indoor environments and goes in sync with the circadian rhythm to keep our mood uplifted.      

Invest in task lighting

Task lighting can play a vital role in keeping your mood and feelings in the right place during winters. It will not only assist you in completing a particular task with ease but will also add to the ambient light to make the space look brighter. You can consider installing desk lamps or table lamps on your workstation or installing suspended LED luminaires to serve the purpose.

Light up dark corners

Last but not the least, make sure to illuminate the whole indoor space uniformly. Don't leave any dark corners and brighten them up with candles, lanterns, or LED lights. This helps a lot in chasing away the gloom during the winter season.

Also, make sure to invest in the right outdoor lighting solutions and landscape lighting solutions during winters. While ensuring the right illumination in the indoor environment keeps your mood uplifted, properly lit outdoors go a long way in making your property safe and secure. It keeps thieves and robbers at bay that can use darkness and low visibility to break-in your house.     

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